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7-16-07 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions Word    Adobe PDF           Mikan Updated from Steve's 2001 submitted flyer
1-5-07 What You Have Earned    

Adobe PDF

          Lori With thanks to a consultant from Lori's region who gave it to her.
3-22-06 Show Closing Options
for April Shows



          Ginamarie Turn it into a Starter Show!  Show your hostess options while closing the show.  Download to your hard drive, save and edit for your business use
4/16/04 New Consultant List               Dale And Marti Give this to your new consultants to help them get off to a great start!
3/2/04 Sponsoring Survey   Adobe PDF           Susan H Susan added a few things to the questionnaire Marlo submitted.
2/28/04 Sponsoring Questionnaire   Adobe PDF           Marlo  
1/30/04 Sponsoring Tool:  4 Areas of Income and Salaries from 2002 totals (most current available)       Consultant Stacking Demo!       Monica Updated with current incomes
3/15/03 Help your new consultants get those bookings!               James Watkins Great tool to use for your biz too!
8/13/02 AWESOME Consultant Brite-Start Stacking Demo!     Consultant Stacking   Consultant Stacking Demo!       Becky Lemke Nancy Haney, RL of the INFERNO Region created this idea and it's been a HUGE success for everyone!!  Thank you Nancy!
8/7/02 Sponsoring Tool from PL Conference 2002:  Salaries from Consultant to SRVP
          James Watkins This is a compilation of notes taken at Conference for Sponsoring!
7/2/02 PL Summer and Winter Opportunity Flyers




          Jacki - aka TheCandleChick on BoB  
4-29-02 Four Areas of Income flyer               Amber Author Unknown
3-25-02 Spanish Sponsoring Tool               Ruby B. Montano
8-7-01 Lifesaver Sponsoring                Jackie  
6-30-01 Have, Get chart, with the average and top incomes from 2000 Word               Jenn Nunley  
6-18-01 PL Consultant/leader Income table with 2000 figures     PDF           Marcianna  
5-24-01 PL Postcard invitation labels for promote out party Word   PDF           Jamie Hanson Jamie designed this for use with Avery Shipping Labels 5264.  Use the 2001 Reminder Cards that PL provides & stick these labels over the top of the writing that is already there....address your card, put a stamp on it & drop it in the mail!
5-17-01 WIIFM? 
What's In It For Me? Brochure
Word   PDF           Leah Duval Leah has formatted the WIIFM brochure in Word and PDF for us.  Thank you Leah!
5-8-01 Sponsor Sheet

(To include in hostess or guest packets)

Word               Renee V. UL,
S-Candl-Ous Unit Lightning Region


Add your contact information and print in portrait setting.  Two pages - print front and back
4-26-01 WIIFM? (front)
What's In It For Me?
      Jpg         Shared by Traci
with original idea from Kisle of
the Classics Region.
Parts edited by Jackie
Print in landscape.  Print front, then flip over and print back to make a handy hand-out
4-26-01 WIIFM? (back)
What's In It For Me?
3-11-01 How Does Your Job make You Feel?         html       Jenn Nunley Print in "portrait" setting
1-10-01 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions Word       html       Steve Tucky  
1-7-01 $5,000 Goal Sheet     PDF           Marcianna  
1-7-01 Is PL for you? 10 Simple Questions Word   PDF   html       Marcianna  
1-7-01 PL Consultant/Leader Income Tables Word   PDF   html       Marcianna  
1-7-01 PL Opportunity Letter Word   PDF   html       Jeanette  
1-2-01 Opportunity Brochure     PDF           Marcianna (10 question/answer layout)

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