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In Loving Memory

Grieving Poem
Shared by Laurie

Remember me whenever you see a sunrise,
Remember me whenever you see a star,
Remember me whenever you see a rainbow
Or woods in autumn colors from afar.

Remember me whenever you see the roses
Or seagulls sailing high in a sky of blue.
Remember me whenever you see waves
Shining in the sun.
And remember, I'll be remembering you!

Remember me every time you light a candle
Never let the memories extinguish
Remember me when the flame brightens a room
And remember, I'll be remembering you!


This is a tribute to loved ones of consultants who fought the battle of cancer. 
We are still fighting in memory of these loved ones - 
to help find a cure  for this terrible disease, by supporting our company's 
ACS fund raising efforts.
In the year 2000, we raised over $1,000,000.00 to further research in this battle.
Together - both consultants and our customers.
Pray for a cure soon

Bill R. Fraser

Loving Husband and Father

When we miss your love, your gentle voice, your sweet caress
Wonderful things happen to remind us that we will always be blessed.

Your loving soul wraps us in its warmth and care
To remind us that you are always there.

Candice Fraser

In Loving Memory

James (Jimmy) Sullivan

My cousin Jimmy, loving father of 4 lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on September 1, 1997. He was a wonderful man, caring and thoughtful. He was  also a great firefighter! He died just one year after his father-in-law-Gene.

Diane Cooney
Bouquets Region

Eugene McGrath

My Uncle Gene was a wonderful, thoughtful, caring man who survived a bout with throat cancer in the mid 1970's.
Unfortunately, another kind of throat cancer appeared. He fought bravely to the end, but in the end the angels came and took him home to rest in September 1996.

Diane Cooney
Bouquets Region

Reverend Leonard T. McGrath

Less than a year after his diagnosis with an astrocytoma, my beloved uncle went home to rest with Jesus. He was an amazing  man, a devout and exemplary Catholic priest. He was devoted   the Blessed Mother, his Church, and his family and we were devastated when he became ill. But even in his illness, he taught us so much about faith, hope, and love. Our lives were dimmed by his loss, but the lights in Heaven flickered ever strongly once he went Home.

Diane Cooney
Bouquets Region

Jim "Peanut" Sugimoto

On July 17, 2001, my friend, Jimmy, lost his battle with stomach cancer.
Jimmy was a very funny, outgoing guy.  The picture is from Halloween a few years back!  We shared an affection for Elvis and Sumo Wrestling!  Jimmy was one of the reasons I continued to show up at work each day... just to see
what he'd say to me in the break room while we filled our gigantic cups with coffee.  Jimmy turned 34 on June 1st...
I will forever miss my "Sugi"!!!

Jane Harmon
Contagious Region
a.k.a. Janie's Sand Stackers

Kelly Nold

On September 5, 1991, my cousin, Kelly, lost a three year battle with leukemia. He lived a little less than six years, but he touched so many people's lives and hearts in his short lifetime.  He will always be part of our family, and is still missed so very much by all of us today!!

 Traci Baker
Sterling Region


My cousin Zaxaroula Kanelea

She died from cancer on June 10, 1991 at age of 32.
Zaxaroula, was a very kind person to everyone around her. She died 6 months after she was diagnosed with cancer.

"You went to live with GOD one summer night, leaving pain and sorrow to your family."

I love you and I miss you a lot. You are in my heart always. Every time I'm lighting a candle I'm thinking of you.

Zoe Eleftheriou- Pure Energy,
Richmond, VA

Daniel W. Donovan - Father

To my father - Daniel W. Donovan

From his loving daughter, 
Darla Valentino

JoAnn Richardson - Grandmother

She was only 69 when cancer took her away from our family.
She was an amazing person with a heart of gold. She leaves behind her husband of  48 years, 6 children, 15 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.
Every time I light a candle, it is in remembrance of her. 
I love and miss you very much!

Jennifer Launderville, Consultant
Millenium Region

Carolyn Sherfield - Mom

Mom fought cancer from November of 1998 to January of 1999.  Every time I light a candle, I think of her.

Love, Rachael

Carol Blecha

Another young life taken by the dreaded disease of cancer.    We'll miss you Carol.

Jackie Whiteker (tealited)  

Sister Elaine (Lanie) Hegamyer Deal

My sister, Elaine (Lanie) Hegamyer Deal was "promoted to Heaven" after fighting the battle of Lymphoma Cancer on August 7th, 2000.  She was such a lovely extraordinary person that even her Dr. at the cancer center said she wish she had known her before the end because of the incredible outpouring of love she saw toward Elaine coming from the friends and family that came to visit her.  Up until 2 days before her death when she went into a coma, she was witnessing and comforting those around her without thought of herself.  
I love you Lanie and you will forever hold a piece of my heart.  

Chris Horning 
Richmond, VA 
Universal Spirit/Harbor Lights

Brother Terry Cousins

In Loving Memory of my brother Terry Cousins. 
He died of Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer on Febuary 19,2000. 
We only knew for 3 months that he had cancer. 
He was the greatest brother, friend,uncle, son. He really had the biggest heart and he is missed very much!

Stars of the West

Grandfather Anton Hlas

Grandfather died from cancer at the age of 87 on june 23, 1999.  He is the father of 10 children, grandfather of 22 grandchildren, several step-grandkids and 13 great grandchildren.  He had fought cancer for several years and died 8 months after celebrating his 60th anniversary.  
Grandpa was a strong-willed man. We still miss him very much.

Becca Squiers, Consultant
Inspiration Region

Cousin Marsha

About one month before grandpa died, my cousin Marsha passed away also. She had cancer as well.  She got pregnant while in remission.  Unfortunately, she was unable to see her daughter's 1st birthday.  Her daughter Abbey will only be able to know who her mom was through the stories and pictures from her dad and family.
 Marsha was in her early thirties.

Becca Squiers, Consultant
Inspiration Region

Nancy Parochniak

Nancy died of Multiple Myloma April of 2000.  She was an inspiration to
everyone who ever met her.  She never had an unkind word about anyone.  She cherished her kids, grand kids, family and all of her many friends.  She
will be missed by everyone, especially me.

Donna Molloy

Pete Trumble

Pete was a special person in my life and my heart.  He was of a free
spirit, lived life to its fullest. He lived to fish, tell stories and eat.
I'll forever miss him.  He died from melanoma June of 1998 a very young man.

Donna Molloy

My Friend Tony Marcantonio

Tony was one of my closest friend's husband and my husband's closest
friend.  He was one of the brightest men I have ever met.  We all miss him
terribly.  He died of lung cancer April 28, 1998.

Donna Molloy

Ivadell Gingrich May '95

Grandmother died shortly after she saw an ultrasound of my daughter.  Brooke, my daughter, was the first great-grand-daughter to be born.  My grandmother had a funny way to determine what the sex of your child was going to be my simply looking at you when you were about 6 weeks along.  She had predicted 21 births and she was RIGHT every time, even when the doctors were wrong.  

I miss her and think of her daily.

Sharon Milburn
"Candle Hugs"

Carol Jean Moore-Rayner

Mom went to heaven August 24, 1983 at the young age of 41.  We lost her battle to lung cancer.  Before she left, she told me to think of her everytime I light a candle!  

Forever, in my heart - Laurie (Lauriepa)

Howard W. Johnson

In loving memory of my father who passed away in November 1981 from pancreatic cancer.


Grandpa Frank

He was a strong man right to the end, never gave up hope or faith.  He fought prostate cancer for a couple of years and passed on November of 1999.  We loved him and miss him dearly. 

Grandpa we miss you. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you.

 Love Lolita

Safe in the arms of Jesus

My mom - Marian Totman

This is my mom - the "Rock Of Gibraltar" as we always called her.  Her faith and her strength were rock solid, no matter what the situation.  She gave so much to so many in her lifetime.

She fought against Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma for 8 years.  She died April 16, 1998 at the age of 66.  

Miss you mom ~ Love Jackie 


Many consultants are making votive roses and selling them with the profits going to the PL ACS fund.  Thank you to all of you who are participating in this effort!
Votive Rose

If you are an Independent Candle Consultant and you would like to pay tribute to a loved one who was a victim of cancer, please email me a picture and a short tribute to be included on this page


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