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6-30-07 Hostess Tic Tac Toe


1-22-07 Option A and B with feedback "receipt" for consultant


          candlepartygina This was shared with Gina by her leader and is an awesome Option A & B form with a tear off "receipt" with feedback from hostess for consultant
1-17-07 Hostess Hints    

          Rona Helpful hostess tips for a successful show
1-5-07 Plan A Plan B Hostess Benefits


3-22-06 Show Closing Options
for April Shows



          Ginamarie Turn it into a Starter Show!  Show your hostess options while closing the show.  Download to your hard drive, save and edit for your business use
7-10-05 Mystery Hostess Flyer



          Kat Download to your hard drive, save and edit for your business use
2/3/05 updated!1-17-05 Hostess Credit Worksheet




2/3 - updated file to include total that hostess gets free!

Easy way to figure your hostess's free and half price items - in the most beneficial way for her/him.
6-9-04 Hostess Packet Enclosure


          Jenna L  
1-21-04 Have A GRAND Show!


          Susan H Give it a try and see how fast your sales will soar to $1000!
1-16-04 Hostess Credit Chart


          Lori D Add these to your hostess packets.  Quick glance chart so host/hostesses can see ALL they can earn with their net sales.
3-10-03 Candle Pool               ForMyLittleTLite  
3-4-03 Hostess Coaching Checklist             Cari the Candle Chick Quick view info on side so it's easy to see in a file folder.
12-19-02 PL Hostess Checklist               Misty Traver Originally created by Mary S and edited by Misty
9-2-02 Everything is Better by Candlelight - with Option A, B listed.                 RhondaWright65 Awesome flyer for your hostesses!
7-7-02 Votive Lottery flyer for hostess and instructions for consultant




"jessie" on BoB
4-5-02 Hostess Benefits               Lara  
4-2-02 Hostess Reminder               Michelle Laugen Use these as postcard mail-outs or email reminders
3-25-02 Spanish Helpful Hostess Hints               Ruby B. Montano
12-12-01 Hostess Checklist               Submitted by Gena McCown aka GMCandles3 (on BoB) Gena staples this to the front of her Hostess Packets
10-25-01 Hostess Coaching Checklist for live show and catalog show hostesses             Lanel

Two pages for each type of hostess.  Print details on front page and notes on back

HTML version edited by Jackie.  HTML version will probably work best if you print consecutive pages instead of front/back.
9-9-01 Book Show Hostess Tic-Tac-Toe             Colette Dunsmore  
09-5-01 Hostess Reminder Card Guest List
97 format

2000 format

              Sandy Thanks Mespur for the 2000 format!
07-06-01 Hostess Wish List               Laurie Could also be handed out to all guests at shows to work with them on booking to receive items they list
02-23-01 Hostess Thank You Letter

            Jennifer Shelton  
02-23-01 Helpful Hostess Hints             Jennifer Shelton  
02-13-01 Option A, Option B flyer for hostess        

    Steve Tucky Print in "portrait" setting
02-13-01 Theme Show 
Ideas Brochure
            Jenn Nunley Print in "landscape", then trim both side margins about 1/4" or so to make it fold nicely into a brochure to add to your hostess packets!
02-11-01 Hostess Postcards         Steve Tucky These were posted by Marcianna and Steve Tucky put them in postcard format for all of us.  (Reminders and hostess information) They have been converted to 4 different software formats for you. 
02-06-01 Letter for hostess having a book 
02-05-01 Hostess Outside Orders Worksheet               Becky  
01-15-01 Calculate Your Hostess's Savings               Kristi  
01-07-01 Hostess Show 
Goals Worksheet
01-07-01 Hostess Tic-Tac-Toe           Marcianna  
01-07-01 Hostess Outside Orders Worksheet               Marcianna  
01-07-01 Candle Pool           Marcianna  
12-21-00 Hostess Coaching Outline                Jenn Nunley  
11-30-00 Hostess Treasure Hunt           Steve Tucky Author Unknown
11-30-00 Hostess Check List              Steve Tucky Author Unknown

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