Sponsoring Left-Right Game


I LEFT my house to share with you why now is the RIGHT time to join PL. I wanted to make sure nothing was LEFT out. I know you have the RIGHT stuff to be a great consultant! I even have the RIGHT spot for you on my team! As I was turning RIGHT into your driveway, I realized I had LEFT my notes at home. I LEFT as quickly as I could so to make it back RIGHT in time for the party. I turned LEFT. Then I turned RIGHT and bolted RIGHT through my door. The notes were RIGHT by my snuffer - guess I LEFT them while I was making sure no candles were LEFT burning - OOPS! 

So let's get RIGHT to it... PL is the Right Company with the RIGHT products for the RIGHT people - YOU!  You may think I'm out in LEFT field when I say PL is THE Greatest Direct Sales Opportunity available. We have great scented candles to set the RIGHT mood and beautiful accessories that have LEFT some wondering what will we come up with next!  

We have the RIGHT opportunity for the RIGHT price-FREE! You can start RIGHT at your party and still have cash LEFT in your wallet. And as your WRITE up your friends' orders and earning money & free products by doing your job RIGHT, you be wondering why you were LEFT in the dark for so long!  

So if you have little cash LEFT after you pay your bills, need a change in pace RIGHT now, or want time LEFT to spend with your family. PL is RIGHT for you!  Right now you can even earn a trip to the islands to the LEFT of us... Hawaii! If you don't want to be LEFT out, please talk to me right after the demonstration. Till then there's nothing LEFT for me to do now, except congratulate the winner... RIGHT?