With the new catalogue available, I wanted to devise a show that would allow the guests to thumb through and see the new products while participating in a fun and interactive demo. The Scavenger Hunt is always a great way to do this, and the clues below are easy and allow the consultant to share all the important news. Plus, you can add some simple clues yourself to demo certain items.

With catalogues in hand, the first guest to find the answer to the clue gets a ticket. Sometimes there are multiple answers, so more tickets are given. The person with the most tickets gets a prize (ie. a couple of votives or a PL car air freshener). The answers and page numbers are in red.

I follow the Scavenger Hunt with the Dice Booking Game and include the Fast 50 Promotion there. It's a great show and everyone has fun!


1. On these pages is every candle in the book. Turn to them now and take a look!
Pages 76, 77, 78, 79. Opens the way to tell about our great candles (smokeless, dripless, etc.) and right away everyone knows where the list of scents and styles are.

2. Jars aren’t just for Strawberry Jam; these are just perfect for the whole fam!
Page 60 & 61. Plus you can tell about the August GAB - the Barrel Jar Special.

3. Is there a scrapbooker in the room? Or do you need to "Express It" to make yourself swoon?
Page 6 & 7. Express It Luminary.

4. You don’t burn candles, but like the scent? Oil and reeds are just Heaven Sent!
All the reed diffusers! Pages 38, 43-45, 64 & 65.

5. Squares of glass, fused together, makes this line one you will keep forever!
Global Fusion Line! Pages 17, 18, 19.

6. Our friends with wings never let us down. There are two of them available; one white, one brown.
Angels! Pages 23 and 33.

7. Visit 3 spas that will cater to all 5 senses, 7 days a week! Look quickly now and take a peek.
Well Being Spa Collection - Pages 39-42, 63.

8. Metal pierced with patterns of leaves, are found on these Thai inspired pillar sleeves.
Thai Pillar Sleeves, Pages 20 & 21. Try this on the Global Fusion Pillar Holder P8722 with a Pillar instead of a Peglite! It's gorgeous!

9. Dorothy knew in Wizard of OZ that the color of these created Oooohs and Ahhhhs!
Ruby Red, of course! Pages 4 & 5 and the Cover.

10. Take a moment to reflect, if you can see infinity you are correct!
Infinite Reflections! Page 22

11. Like to shop, but want to do it for FREE? Find out how; just listen to ME!
No search needed! Share the Hostess Program and upcoming Specials.

12. You can change your life right now. Win a candle and Ask me how!
I hold up 4 votives and I say, "Here's a chance to win a candle! Just ask me a question about my business."

13. I follow up the Scavenger Hunt with the Dice Game, and to sweeten the deal, I say, "I'll give you a Fast $50 Coupon when you book a show within 30 days!"        Instructions for the Dice Game are here.

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