Scavenger Hunt 2003

INSTRUCTIONS: Use a roll of tickets with duplicates or numbers on each end.   Give each guest 10 tickets and tell them "We're going on a scavenger hunt in the PL catalog!"  I'll read a clue and the first one to yell out the correct answer with page number of item gives me one (or 1/2) of one of their tickets.   At the end, we'll draw for prizes, so the more clues you find, the better your chances of winning!   

New Orleans in your mind you'll see When you take a look at me. I'm pretty versatile, you'll soon agree Just put a votive or Tealight in me. Mardi Gras Votive Holder p. 80

Put me on the table or up on the wall I won't get damaged should wax decide to fall A circle of beads will catch your eye A new floral ring you'll want to buy. Dew Drop Ring p. 80

Up in the clouds you'd expect me to be But on your table you'll "clearly" see
A beautiful pedestal for a cake so sweet Or any other tasty treat. Stratus 3-wick Holder pp. 80-81

If the Victorian age is what you miss That floral scent and gentle kiss I'm the first in a series and you will see, My hand cut glass colors will make you want me. Hydrangea Tealight Lamp p. 26

Ariana, a fairy so sweet A quiet soul for you to meet. Light a Tealight behind her, and watch her glow, with butterflies fluttering, to and fro. Ariana Tealight Holder p. 30

A crystal rose beyond compare Each room deserves a few in there. Radiant Rose votive holder p. 61

My name says I'm a hundred, but I'm really new, A touch of silver from PartyLite to you. Silver Century p. 36

A glass house for all to see, The royalty within both you and me. Crystal Castle p. 41

A third in this collections a wonderful house, with about a hundred cut outs. What's that inside the window I see a little Tealight lamp from PartyLite to me. Bristol House pg. 13

Talk about Hostess Program Star light, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might Have a fragrant Starry Night! Starry Night balls p. 60-61

A magical fairy Blowing kisses of butterflies Of bisque porcelain To hold your Tealight! Ariana Tealight Holder p. 30

Square, not round, More fragrant we have found! Longer lasting burn for these seven scents you will yearn! Scent Plus p. 51

Absent minded? Can't decide?  You need this fragrance at your side! It’s beautiful color and natural scent, will take you where your brain just went! Solitude p. 49

Whether married for decades, or just starting out, this piece represents what love is about! Eternally united, yet two separate minds, no more special gift will you ever find! Gemini brass p.56 and silver p.37

She could be the tooth fairy, and among other things, this porcelain beauty can hold your best rings!  A delicate piece – as a gift – is just right,  for any young girl who has dreamed of flight! Ariana p.30

This style of glass is exquisite and fine, its’ colors are vibrant with delicate lines. Hand painted, hand-blown, a beautiful sight! Exclusively fashioned just for PL! Mosaic collection pp. 31 & 32

Can’t get to the ocean? We’ll bring it to you! This whole collection will make you see waters so blue. From the scent of the sea to the dunes in the sand, this group gives you the beach without the sand in your hair! pp. 72 & 73, also Ocean Mist

Wrought iron lovers just can’t get enough, of this antique design made to hold and to snuff! Barrington p. 69

You may be tempted to add these to your drink! They’re quite a nice summertime pair, don’t you think? Glacier Pair p. 75

Its’ heavy lead crystal; casting beautiful rays. Use a votive or pillar; try it both ways! Aurora Pillar Holder p. 59

Spiraled wrought iron and frosted finish globes. Choose 8, 10, or 12 inch, your candles to hold! Spiral Light Holder p.66

They may be an illusion of swirling candlelight. But this pair of votive holders just may heat up your night! Illusions p.54 or 68

Take a small journey to a calmer place. When you light these candles, relax and let the rest of the world wait. Indulgences pp. 48 and 49

It’s off to the Northwoods! A vacation's what I've been missin’! The canoe and campfire are ready; this girl's Gone Fishin’! Gone Fishin’ p. 70

A quiet getaway in the mountains I see. Take a swim in the lake or stroll by a tree. Isn’t this where you would like to be? Gone Fishin’ pg. 79

A salad of fruit, soft colors, not bold. Keep or share with friends, tealights or votives we'll hold. Fruit Splash p.70

Of hand-blown glass, in delicate jewel tones, this trio is something you might want to own. Mosaic Trio p.33

We three joined together in 8 pounds of wax, should never be clipped to help you burn to the max! Three wick candle on candle chart

A shimmering optic glass holder, in an antique brass stand. Add your personal touches like water, candy, or sand. Soliloquy p.56

For a wedding or anniversary, brass as bright as the sun. Two rings joined together, the two become one. Gemini p.56 (The clue says BRASS, so don’t accept the silver one on p.37!)

These buddies hold your tealights, a ladybug and butterfly. No matter the weather, they’re a summer treat for the eye.Sunflower Buddies p.65

For a very special hostess with three friends who know that the very best way to get free products is to host a show! 3 booking gifts, back cover

Dreams of summer, sand, and sea. A day at the beach brings back childhood memories. Sandcastle p.72

They’re quilted, crystal, and versatile, you’ll see. They’ve long been a favorite in the PartyLite family! Quilted Crystal Pair pg 63

If your host(ess)'s show totals 200 or more, and she gets 2 bookings besides, when each of those shows total 200 each too, she’ll receive one of these as her prize!
2 booking gifts – back cover

What a lovely trio complete with frosted stems! A PL votive in each one will shimmer to the very end! Iced Crystal Trio p. 75


I'm a new piece, that belongs with a grouping of 3 with a tint of green.  I'm contemporary glass sculpture about 6" high and burn a votive or a Tealight! Stratus Votive Holder on page 25

I'm a New Four Booking Gift!   I've heard that I have that 70's look. I have a dramatic, tiered lighting effect and am about 16" high! Golden Leaves Sconce Pair on pg. 19 and  booking gift page.  

I have been told that I wake people up at the crack of dawn. New Rooster Tealight House.   Page 21

This familiar looking pair brings to mind the hospitality of the South. Williamsburg Votive holder pair pg. 61

This signature two piece hurricane, A must have you will agree, Made from 24% lead crystal, is made by PartyLite exclusively! Signature Crystal Hurricane Pg. 7

This spicy piece is brand new, It holds Tealights and a wickless candle too! Moroccan Spice Aroma Melts Warmer Pg. 11

This jeweled piece is a host(ess) gift it comes with a free 3-wick, available when (s)he has 3 friends who know the best way to shop is for free with a PartyLite shopping spree! Jewels 3-wick holder pg. 29 & hostess gifts page

This High tech piece paired with PartyLite new Country Apple pillar may have you seeing red lips stick. Chose your size 6, 4 or 8 inches high. Ebony Lights Pillar Holders p34

This uniquely shaped candle in a new signature fragrance may have you saying C'est Moi C'est Moi flat top Octagonal Pillar pg. 47

Happy Birthday to you, Lets celebrate! PartyLite has the something for you and the fragrance that smells like you actually baked this cake Birthday cake Tealight holder Pg. 76

2003 clues were made from a collection of people from the AOL P
L Message board