We are going to play a game with your purses, wallets, diaper bags, or whatever else you brought with you. I’m going to say a letter and you need to find something in your purse or wallet that starts with that letter. The first person to pull out an item and say the name will receive a ticket. I’ll use these tickets later to draw for free stuff.

T – is for tealights, which burn from 3-6 hours.
V – is for votives that burn from 8-10 hours.
E – is for the EXTRA income you can make. Part Time Hours, Full Time Pay.
G – is for GINGER CURRANT – check out this enticing new fragrance!
P – is for pillars that burn from 55-130 hours! (depending on size)
S – is for snuffer, always snuff your candles.
C – is for Consultant, I love PL…
H – is for Hostess and lets thank ours!
D – is for Dreams….AMBER DREAMS, an enchanting new fragrance & color for 2003!
F – is for all the free stuff you get as a hostess!
W – is for wax, Relax with wax!
L – is for “Lavish”, PL’s newest line of candles with matching shower gels & body lotions!
N – is for NO Investment!! What other business can you start with NO out of pocket expense??
O – is for the PL Opportunity…
K - is for “Starter KITS”, and PL’s is FREE!!!
U – is for how Unbelievably generous PL’s Hostess Program is…!!
I – is for the INCOME, ability to earn a 6-figure income, no limits!
R – is for Reasonable Prices…. PL offers products ranging from $6.95 to $149.95. There is something for everyone!
M - is for “ME”, that’s what “C’est Moi” is all about!!

Bonus Letter: If you are going to BOOK A SHOW for our Hostess this evening, only YOU can search in your bag for this letter, AND you will receive 5 tickets if you have something in your bag beginning with this letter…

B - is for BOOKINGS, and I am booking a show for my friend this evening!!!


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