Christmas Left - Right Game

Twas the night before Christmas, and all was just RIGHT
PartyLite candles twinkling, what a beautiful sight!

Friends were coming RIGHT over in a minute or two
I scurried about there’s much LEFT to do

Now just as I thought I’d LEFT nothing undone
Something wasn’t RIGHT – How could I be so dumb?

To my RIGHT the Kahula, the Baileys and Rum
The cream for the coffee – The food! – Yum-yum!

What could it be that’s not quite RIGHT? 
I remembered the Rum – But had no coke for the night!

RIGHT at that moment, I dashed RIGHT out the door
Jumped RIGHT in the car – as my RIGHT foot hit the floor!

I backed RIGHT out the drive and turned LEFT down the lane
Was I in my RIGHT mind, or was I insane?

Was there enough time LEFT to get it all done?
Was this the RIGHT way to get coke for the Rum?

I hoped and I prayed that I was heading the RIGHT way
I turned RIGHT and wondered – Are any stores LEFT open today?

I made the RIGHT turn to Shopping Mall Way
Pulled RIGHT up to the store – It was open! Hurray!

I LEFT the car running as I ran RIGHT into the store
Finding the soda, by my LEFT on the floor

I paid for the soda with just the RIGHT cash
I ran out the store in a sprinters dash

RIGHT in the parking lot awaited my car
I opened the LEFT door, which was already ajar

Not much LEFT to do except go RIGHT back in a rush
My RIGHT hand turned the mirror – My hair needed a brush

My mouth fell RIGHT open as I pulled up the drive
Oh my goodness, the guests have arrived!

I ran RIGHT out of the car and RIGHT into my room
Changed my clothes, brushed my hair and LEFT with a zoom

Well, all turned out fine – The night was just RIGHT
My display looked awesome, of course PL!

RIGHT now I have just one thing LEFT to cheer
Have a RIGHT Merry Christmas and a RIGHT nice NEW YEAR!


This version of Christmas Left-Right game submitted to tealited by James Watkins 2002.