Hidden Pictures
Submitted by Lee

All you need is your Bonus Bucks Game money and a 2002 Everyday Catalog for each guest. A fun game to get everyone loosened up and looking through the catalog. Name the item they are looking for. Remind them that the items are NOT product. The first person to name the correct page, gets a Buck. Person at the end of the game with the most money, (not counted face value but counted as one each) wins!!!

*A rug pg. 16
*A wide piece of lace ribbon pg. 48 & 49
*A real starfish (not product) pg. 69
*A framed wall picture pgs. 2, 31, 45 & front cover
*A writing pen pg. 4
*Red roses pg. 10
*Books pgs. 3,16, 30, 37, 39, 43, 45,  inside back cover (74) & front cover
*A cherub pg. 58
*A fireplace screen pg. 35 & 39
*A piece of rope pg. 68
*A towel pg. 20, 21 & front cover
*A piece of pineapple pg. 72
*A portable telephone pg. Inside back cover (74)
*A mirror pg. 24, 30, 35
*A tall building pg. 44
*(This one is worth 3 Bucks) Glass colored stones in a vase pg. 39 & 54