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Hidden Pictures Demo January 2006
It's a game, it's your demo and it's fun!
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Tell your guests:  I'm going to pass out our catalogs and we're going to play a game.  Once we finish, someone will win a prize!

I'm going to name a picture of something you can find in our catalog.  Once you find it, shout out the page number!  If your answer is correct, you'll receive a ticket.  When we finish, the person with the most tickets wins the prize! (for the prize, offer a Relax With Wax Pack or other small prize.  If there is a tie, give each one tealight or have a tie breaker question.  For example:  How many scents does PL offer right now?  Answer:  50 as of January 2006)

(I have these categorized by demo topics)  I only have 8 items for them to find.  You can add more if you want your demo longer but just these few will cover the important topics and you can always expand on your explanations.  If you actually have the piece you can give the page number and then show them the piece as you talk.  You don't want your demo to be too long.  Give them plenty of shopping time!  :)


Yellow School Bus:  Back Cover
Having children is such a blessing. 
Selling PL allows mothers to be home for their children and still earn an income!

Telephone on a sofa:  p11
Have you called your friends lately to say hello and catch up on the latest news with them?
A great way to have fun and see your friends and family again is to book a party and invite everyone!  They'll have fun and so will you.  Did I mention our hostess program yet?
With a $400 show, you will receive $100 in FREE products and your choice of 2 items from the catalog at HALF PRICE!  You are given even more FREE products when you have 2 or more friends book parties from you!  On page 66 and 67 you can see our beautiful Booking Gifts that can be yours!

A lady playing a piano:  41
Have you ever been to a symphony concert?  The music can give you chills.
Speaking of Symphony, turn to p 27 to see PL's new Symphony Floor Stand & Sconce.  The elegant scroll design is just beautiful and this piece can be hung on a wall or remain freestanding in it's base.  It reminds me of 2 intertwined hearts, which makes this a very memorable wedding gift.  For  myself, I'd like a pair hanging on the fireplace or above our bed.

Silver Clock:  p55
Time is something we always wish we had more of.  Wouldn't you agree? 
Speaking of more time, did you know our tealights burn 4-6 hours and our votives burn for 8-10 hours? 

Aloe Vera Plant in orange vase:  Front Cover
Some people use Aloe gel to soothe sunburns and minor scrapes. 
When you need something to soothe your senses, our Well Being Line on pgs 36 & 37 offers several self nurturing solutions - Relax, Unwind, Sensual and Revitalize.

Colorful flowers in a light yellow Pitcher and green apples to the left: p13

A colorful flower is so pretty but an arrangement of several different colors creates your own sense of style and color preference.  Each bouquet is your own creation of color, shape and fragrance.
PL knows that we all have different tastes in candle scents and they offer a huge variety in many sizes.  But this year they have gone a step beyond that and created Scent Infusion Wax Beads.  You can see them on page 19.  Now you can create your own personal fragrance by adding Scent Infusion Wax Beads to your favorite PL Jar Candle! 

Framed picture on a wall of a black high heeled shoe: p64
Trendy, classy, stylish.  It's all about being a girl!  :)
PL has introduced a new product line this year called the Audrey line.  Turn to p65 and see the beautiful contrast of black, white and red in our Audrey line.  Alone or together, each piece will dress up your room with style and class!

Laptop computer: p46
The invention of the home computer has opened up an infinity of information to all of us.
PL's Infinite Reflections on p11 truly is a breath taking candle holder and the reflections from the candles burning really do seem to go on forever.  This is one piece you'll get so many compliments on and it will intrigue those who watch the flickering flames just a few candles can create.


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