"Are You a Candle Lover or Candle Duster???"
Submitted by Alison

I have tried many, many, many different party games- and although most of them managed to get a chuckle or 2 out of the group- mostly they just took up too much time
with no real results (bookings, sponsors, sales)!!
So I put together my version of a Candle Quiz I saw online and one I saw demo-ed at a party that I went to before I became a consultant. (Plus newly inspired by Candlefairies Relaxation Demo- this may be a way to wrap it up at the end with the DPS!)

"Are You a Candle Lover or Candle Duster???"

I have the group turn over their DPS to the back (after they fill it out) and give themselves 10 points (or 1 point- (whatever) for every question they answered on the front... (must use your real name, real address and real phone # for the 10 points) (gets a laugh!) Then I ask them to give themselves 10 points if:

1.  They decorate any room in their home with a display of candles (or 10 points for each room in their home that has a candle on display as decoration)

2.  They've burned a candle in the past month for a special ocassion 

3.  They've burned a candle in the past month for No special reason- just to treat yourself, distress, relax

4.  They've had a candlelight dinner this month (mac & chees by candlelight counts!), or a candlelight bubble bath

5.  First time at a candle party

6.  Have already burned a PL candle

7.  If you actually practice hugging, trimming and snuffing

8.  Like to give candles as gifts (know someone (not here tonight) who LOVES candles)

9.  *Bonus question- 25 points if you'd enjoy your own $150 shopping spree with PL hostess
program or 25 points if you'd rather have cash by becoming a PL consultant!

For fun - sometimes I do a penalty question if they are PL pros- (like- subtract 10 points if you own a pillar with a tunnel or candles that don't light up anymore!) (drowned wick)

10. * One more question- 10 points if you already know what you are going to order tonight?
(just to get things moving quicker)

Add up the points- the top scorer gets a votive or a relax with wax pack! and the lowest scorer gets a votive- Say "looks like you need a little help to become a candle lover- let me help you !
Then use the slips for the Door Prize and I look for a 25 on the slip!

Also too- I may change it to use the quiz to determine who wins the Door Prize- (2 prizes- lowest and highest score maybe) something simple like a relax with wax pack for each one (have a couple extra on hand in case of a tie!)