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3/15/03 PL Prayer             James Watkins  
10/10/02 Mud Puddles and Dandelions               James Watkins Enjoy the little things in life
10/10/02 Examine the word Guidance               James Watkins Look really close at the word Guidance.
7/7/02 PL Garden             James Watkins How is your PL Garden Growing?
7/7/02 Free Lessons From the US Open               James Watkins A PL analogy. James is aka JWHats on BoB.
1-3-02 Inspirational message               Jamie Mallak
Follow this example and make each day a positive one!
1-3-02 Motivational Words of Wisdom               James Watkins If you see one you really like, make it into a poster and hang where you can see it each day to motivate yourself!
12/28/01 PL Success Quiz               James Watkins How successful are you/will you be if you continue as you are now?  
12/28/01 Inspirational message               Jamie Imhoff Need a positive message to view each day? Wonderful message in poetic format to hang by your desk for daily inspiration!
11/15 Steves Mosaic Bubble Jar with the Enchantment Pillar Holder      
        Steve Tucky  
11/8 Steves new PL creations!      




Peach Pear



        Steve Tucky Steve was either having an indecisive day or an extra creative day when he came up with these new PL scents!  LOL
8-3-01 Michele's story about Eric and PL                 An inspiring story about a little boy, cancer and a Dream Come True from PL
5-27-01 Future PL Consultants               Jackie Whiteker Send your submissions to tealited!
5-24-01 PL Calorie Chart               Jackie Whiteker  
  PL Husbands             Steve Tucky Author unknown
  My PL room               Jackie Whiteker Did a PL bomb go off in here?
  Comfort Zone               Steve Tucky Author unknown

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