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************* 2007 *************

6-3-07 Votive Lottery Spreadsheet               Cheri  
1-9-07 Realtor Letter               Rona Realtor Rewards Letter
1-9-07 Candle Club Instruction Letter               Rona Send this letter with Candle Club Cards (files above)
1-9-07 Candle Club Card (front)               Rona Customer cuts card in half and returns right side to consultant. Include letter (file below) with the card
1-9-07 Candle Club Card (back)               Rona Back side of card to be included with Candle Club Instruction Letter
************* 2006 *************
8-18-06 Free Candles Burn Better Sign for Bumper Sticker, Window Cling, etc.             DeeDee Print in Portrait
8-18-06 Consultant Job Flyer with tear off tabs with contact info               DeeDee Grab their attention and they'll grab a tear off tab!
Save to your hard drive and add your contact info.
7-31-06 Home Decorating Made Easy             Natalie A. Great tips to pass on to your customers!
5-27-06 ACS Charity of Focus
Tent Card
            Steve Tucky Display this Tent Card at your shows.
************* 2005 *************
9-4-05 Votive Lottery

Instructions and
Order Form

Votive Lottery Instructions

Votive Lottery Order Form

  Votive Lottery Instructions

Votive Lottery Order Form
Order form

          Sarah and Jackie  
3-4-05 Mystery Hostess Letter               Gina M  

************* 2004 *************

1-25-04 Gift Bags Show Demo             Susan Make it easy!
1-23-04 Journey To Paradise Cover Letter             Monica Awesome way to increase sales to win the trip! This file and the two below go together as a "kit"
1-23-04 Journey To Paradise Order Form             Monica  
1-23-04 Journey To Paradise Candle Scent List             Monica  
1-22-04 Sponsoring Ad Flyer             Melinda Complete with tear offs for potential Consultants to take with them
1-22-04 Lapboard Insert             Melinda Contents:  Wish List, Six Types of Consultants and Get It FREE!  All on one page.

************* 2003 *************

4-2-03 Mother's Day Ideas Flyer             Monica  
4-2-03 Night off flyer for April/May               Jackie (tealited)  
3-29-03 Wanted Poster/Now Hiring!             James Watkins  
2-1-03 Night off flyer for Feb/March                  
1-21-03 Door Prize Slip for fairs and festivals             Lissa 4 DPS to a page


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