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Scent Samplers
(added Sep. 2006)

NEW!  Tealight Angel (Aug. 2005)
Blackoutsavers wrapper
Tealight Pops

Tulle Wrapped Tealights and Votives

Tealight Lifesavers for American Red Cross Donations

Patriotic Pillar Wrappers

Baby Shower Tealight Pop

Scent Samplers
Submitted by Cheri (Aug 2006)

"At Hobby Lobby or any craft store you buy the Smallest Round Bead Stackers.
I then took each Votive and Tealight and put 1 at a time in a small metal bowl, then put them over a double broiler on the stove. (I used my smallest pot with water in it then put my vegetable steamer on top).
Then put (2 at a time) the metal bowls with 1 votive/tealight in each bowl and let them melt.
I then poured the melted wax in the Bead Stackers that were already labeled with using Microsoft Word Avery Wizard and Avery Return Address Labels (8167).
Let them cool and stack them up, I also put my own coffee grounds in some of them as the pallet cleanser.
I stacked them by Holiday, Everyday Fruits and Citrus, Everyday Floral & Edible, Spring Summer.

I have not used them at a show yet but they smell really like the scent samplers PL gives you when you start your business.
I spend $25.00 for the whole collection."

Thank you Cheri!  And to anyone who doesn't want to make their own, you can purchase already made samplers from the following Business Links:
Consultant Corner   Ellie-Jo's Scent Stacks   Express Yourself   Laura's Fragrance Stacks

Tealight Angel
Submitted by Karen G
Tealight AngelSUPPLIES:

Clear cup Tealight
Round tulle circle
Small magnet
Treat stick
Gold or silver wedding rings (in craft section @ Wal-mart)
Hot glue
Glue gun
Angel wings (small one if you can find them)
Or the white flower petals ( petals look like shells)
Small pre-tied ribbons and or sequence


Flip tealights face down and Glue the treat stick to the back of the tealight - the way up the tealight.. Once glue is dried flip tealight face up.

Fold the round tulle in half, in half, then in half again. (3 folds) (it will be in a triangle) Run a bead of hot glue part way down the stick and where the tealight meets the stick and place the angled tulle evenly on the stick with the very tip of the tulle touching the tealight. Once dried, place a dot of glue on the tulle directly under the tealight and place a pre-tied ribbon.

Flip the tealight over again face down, and place a dot of glue above the treat stick and affix a small magnet. (Magnet should not be seen from the front of the tealights) Place a small dot of glue above the magnet then take a small gold or silver ring and place it at an angle above the magnet resting against the back of the tealights.

Take the white flower petals or angel wings and glue them to the sides of the stick affixed to the tealights.

Flip the tealights face up and decorate the tulle as u see fit with matching ribbon or sequence. I use matching or coordinating colors to match tealights.

Cute idea by Nan Holzer! 
Great for those California Blackouts! 
Blackout Savers
Click here to get the Print Shop file for the wrappers - right click on link and save to your hard drive to open and view.  You must have The Print Shop software to open


Tealight Pops
Submitted by Julye Shore (Star Gazers Region in Reynoldsburg, Ohio)

Tealight Pop - front view Tealight Pop - back view
Front and Back View
Pic taken by Jackie - tealited

This idea is similar to the Tealight Bouquet submitted by Nan Holzer, but made a little differently:

Julye writes:  "Very inexpensive and easy to put together!  My 5-yr-old son does them for me!! I use craft sticks (like popsicle stix- @ 75 cents for a pkg of 100+), attach one to the back of a clear cup tealight with a sticker (sometimes I use my name/phone# stickers, "ask about my fundraisers", oppt. stickers or booking stickers...) cover top of tealight-pop with small clear plastic candy/treat bags (easy to find at stores where the baking & candy making items are) and tie the bags closed with simple ribbon!  I hand them out to guests instead of votives!  What fun!"

After I made these to take the pic, I thought they would be precious for a baby shower show!
My husband looked at it as he walked by and said 
That looks like a sucker.  You're a "sucker" for PL".   He thinks he's funny :)  ~Jackie

If you want some really cute Tealight Pops and don't want to take the time to make them, you can purchase some darling ones from Karie's Kandle Roses!

Tulle Wrapped Tealights and Votives
Pics by Laurie (Mespur)

I'm sure we all know how to make these, but Laurie submitted this picture in case someone needed a pic of them.
Pretty Laurie!

Karie's Kandle Roses! sells these too - two votives wrapped together!

Tealight Lifesavers for American Red Cross Donations
Submitted by Jamie Hanson

United We Stand Tealight WrapperJamie is selling these for $3.00 each and giving the profits to the American Red Cross
Click here to download the .pdf file for the wrappers that Jamie made.




Patriotic Pillar Wrappers
for 2x6 pillars
Submitted by Kathy Helldoerfer

Patriotic Pillar WrapperClick here to download and print the .jpg file for this project




Baby Shower Tealight Pop
Submitted by Jenn Nunley

Baby Shower Tealight Pop



Here is the poem Jenn attached to the Tealight Pop:

A tealight lollipop - though not to eat!
It's a fragrant gift that's such a treat!

Remove the wrapper, take off the stick,
Place in a holder and light the wick.

And as you enjoy the wonderful glow,
Please say a prayer for Olivia Hope!

Thank you for sharing this day with us!
(Names of all the family here)

Jenn attached the tealight to the stick with glue then covered it with a small plain plastic bag.  
A ribbon around the bottom of the tealight and a card attached.

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