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All times are approximate - either stated by PL Literature, Manual, or actually timed! 

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Updated 1-11-2006

All times are approximate - either stated by PL Literature, Manual, HO or actually timed
Candle Name, Size, Scent if Applicable Burn Time
All 4-6 Hours each
All 8-10 Hours each
Jar Candles  
Trumpet Bestburn Jar 35-40 Hours
Barrel Bestburn Jar 55-60 Hours
Slim Hurricane Bestburn Jar 70-80 Hours
Mini Barrel Bestburn Jar Set of 3 34-35 Hours each
Ball 3"  
All 25-30 Hours each
3x5 Pillar (Round) 70-75 Hours
3x6 Pillar (Square) 75-80 Hours
3x7 Pillar (Bell & Round) 90-95 Hours
3x9 Pillar (Round) 125-130 Hours
6"x5"  3-Wick 100+ Hours
6"x8"  3-Wick 200+ Hours
6" Handipt 3-4 Hours
10" Handipt 5-6 Hours
10" Square 7-8 Hours
14" Column 15-16 Hours
Spiced Vanilla 6" Utility Candle 4-5 Hours 
Specialty, Discover, Lively, Infusion Beads & Well being  
Scented Floater 3-5 Hours
Scent Plus Square Votives 18-20 Hours Each
Aroma Melts  (will not evaporate but the scent will disappear) 12-14 Hours each
Aroma Simmers Liquid Potpourri 40 hours total 
3x6 Pillar (Square Mottled) 75-80 Hours
3x5 Pillar Silk Spun 85-90 Hours
3x7 Pillar Silk Spun 110-115 Hours
3x7 Pillar Rustic 90-95 Hours
3x7 Pillar Crackle 90-95 Hours
6x5 Petite 3-Wick Mottled 100+
6x5 Petite 3-Wick Swirl 100+
Crackle Brick 35-40 Hours
Paraffin Brick 35-40 Hours
3x8-1/2 Obelisk (Discover) 60-65 Hours
3x5 Lively Round Striped Pillar 65-70 Hours
3x7 Lively Round Striped Pillar 90-95 Hours
Scent Infusion Wax Beads - 1/4 teaspoon 3-4 Hours
Well Being Pilar 2.5x5" Round 60-70 Hours
Note:  Some darker colors may burn longer


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