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2007 Files

5-3-07 Booking Gift Game             Rochelle  

2006 Files

1-11-06 Booking Tips!                 When nothing else seems to be working...
1-11-06 B.E.S.T. 
Presenting the Hostess Program
          Christy Good Updated by Jackie for 2006
1-11-06 Book a Show - You Never Know!             Updated by Jackie From Marcianna's Original 25 squares - Fill all squares with hostesses names who have $250 > shows.  When all squares all filled you draw for a $100 GC
1-11-06 50/50/50             Updated by Jackie From Marcianna's Original 50 orders at $50.  When all 50 squares are full you draw for a $50 GC.

2005 and later files below

11-22-04 Theme Show Flyer             Steve Tucky Lots of GREAT Theme Show ideas to increase your bookings!
7-6-04 Theme Shows    
side 1

side 2

          Steve Tucky From July Regional
Lots of Theme Show ideas on 1 page front and back or 2 pages one side only.
This is an updated version of the one on Best of Boards submitted by Kim
8-12-02 Book Show vs Live Show             Misty and Leah Show your hostess the benefits of having a live show vs. doing a book show.
7-12-02 Mystery Hostess Invitation for after conference show to launch new Holiday catty!         Mystery Hostess Invitation       Christine Copy and paste into your word processing program to make up some for your Holiday Catty show!
2-20-02 Customer Referral Program             Sixfigure Marlo


Use this to get more bookings and NEW contacts!!
2-15-02 Booking Success and Sponsoring Seed!               Becky Lemke Becky was telling me about how well this method has been working for her so I asked her to write it up for all of us.  Awesome Becky - Thank You!
1-1-02 Letter to send with new catty               Alison  
12-12-01 Why Should You Have A Candle Party?               Gena McCown aka GMCandles3 (on BoB) Make sure each guest gets one of these at shows!
12-12-01 Poem to send with new catty!               Gena McCown aka GMCandles3 (on BoB)  
12-7-01 Flyer to post around your area for bookings!               Adriana Atkins Add your contact info. on the tear-offs
11-8-01 12 Days of December flyer             Deb Baum Same format as Cheryl Johnson's but different choices for hostess!
10-26-01 12 Days of December flyer             Cheryl Johnson Cute 12 Days of December idea to get more bookings for December.  Pass out at shows for guests go see.
9-10-01 Book Show Tic-tac-toe               Laurie  
7-6-01 Lead Box and Entry Box Sign (2 separate files)

Put a lead box at fairs, bazaars, fundraisers, garage sales, etc. to get some fresh leads for bookings and sponsoring
  2+2 Calls Guidelines               Steve Tucky  
  120 Hostesses               Steve Tucky  
  Who Do You Know?               Steve Tucky  
  Building a great January!               Jackie Whiteker  

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