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December 22, 2003
  January 2004 Hostess Specials have now been posted!  Special thanks to Grace for creating this months flyer and to Timothy for providing some of the pictures.  Great job Grace!

December 19, 2003
2004 Scent Chart submitted by Lianne

2004 Polycon Scent Labels submitted by Steve T

December 18, 2003

I'm baaaaack!  :)  Hello everyone!  Yes, it's me again - tealited! 

Since I made the decision in April of this year to not continue updating Tealited Tidbits, I have been overwhelmed with requests from many of you to start it up again.  It's obvious to me that many of you depended on the site to download the latest files and flyers to help you with your business.  Tealited Tidbits was created for that reason and that reason only - just as Best of Boards was - a place for consultants to share with other consultants. 
In light of these many emails and face to face requests I have received to start Tealited Tidbits back up - that's just what I'm going to do.  I will not be creating the monthly hostess special flyers myself any longer, but will ask for a volunteer to do that for all of you.  This will have to be someone who can create them in a doc file format and has access to the products for pictures in the flyer each month.  I hope one of you out there will volunteer for this most important task!  Just email me at tealited@tealited.com  
The interactive PAD will remain on the BoB Message Board:  http://www.bobforum.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=331  and the older PAD pics will remain on Tealited.
So many files on Tealited Tidbits are out of date.  This is where you can help rebuild Tealited Tidbits.  If you see any files on Tealited that need updated, please feel free to update and send them to me at tealited@tealited.com  I will post them as soon as time allows.  I may not get them posted the very day you send them to me but will do my best to get them posted quickly.
A note about file submissions:  Send them to me in .doc or .pdf format.  Images can be just about any format.  Do not include any copyrighted images or the PL name spelled out in any of your submissions.  Remove all personal information from files you are submitting.  Keep it generic so everyone can use them.  This will cut down the time it takes me get your files uploaded. If I don't have to edit the file, it can be posted much more quickly.  Unless you request otherwise when you send me files, I will post your name (first name and last initial or just first name) as the one who submitted the file.  If you would like your BoB message board ID in addition to this or instead of, just let me know that.  I will not be posting your email address unless you request it or I ask in advance if I feel it's needed for any reason.  So please include your first name at the least - when you send me files to post.

Please visit our Business Links for all your Direct Sales Business Tools!  You can click on the banners at the top of this page or visit the Business Links page.  The Business Links help support Tealited Tidbits and BoB while helping Direct Sales Professionals with all their business needs!
So what do you think?  Are you ready to bring in 2004 with a big bang?  Then let's do just that - together once again!
Jackie (tealited)



Important Announcement:
As most of you have probably noticed, Tealited Tidbits has not been updated much lately.  Due to so many other commitments in my life I am finding it more and more difficult to keep up with everything.  I have a full time job plus several part time jobs.  I also volunteer my services on a regular basis.  All of this takes precious time.  So due to all the above, Tealited Tidbits will no longer be updated.  I regret that I cannot create the monthly hostess special flyers for all of you who use the 2 to a page format but it just isn't possible at this point and I don't see that changing in the future.  This was not an easy decision for me to make but one I knew was coming.  I'm saddened as I write this but at the same time I feel a great weight has been lifted as I have been pushing myself too far for too long.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you who have supported Tealited Tidbits the few years that it has been online.  If there is something you would like posted you can still send it to me and I will add it to BoB as time allows.   

Tealited Tidbits will stay as-is, online, as long as it serves a useful purpose for all of you.  There are many PAD pics that are still current and you're welcome to use them for your flyers, mail outs, etc.  Steve  maintains a current PAD on the BoB Message BoardThere are also many great flyers, templates, organizational notes, etc. that are still helpful and I hope you'll make good use of them.  Two pages very special to me are the Future PL Consultants pics and the Memorial page.  These two pages of tealited alone make me want to keep the site online as long as possible.

It's been a great 2+ years getting to know all of you and sharing my time with so many wonderful people.   I wish each and every one of you blessings of success in your lives and careers.

I will be at the St. Louis Conference this year and look forward to seeing all of you again! 

With heartfelt thanks, Jackie Whiteker (tealited)



Fun With Numbers!  Fun game for your shows submitted by James Watkins.  Posted to Games page.  Remember that all games are listed alphabetically. 

Tulip Jar Fundraiser updated (does not include tray and lid).  Posted to Fundraiser Tools page

New Poem for Ariana!  Added to Poems categorized pages and Poems page 3.  Submitted by Patty  (LilBitZiggy on BoB Message Board)

Mother's Day Ideas Flyer submitted by Monica.  Added to Flyers, Postcards and Letters page

May Host/Hostess Specials Flyer posted to Hostess Specials page.

Need A Night Off? flyer for April/May added to Flyers, Postcards and Letters page



MARCH 2003


April Host/Hostess Specials Flyer updated to include Free Birthday Cake Candle.

Wanted:  Consultants!  Now Hiring!  Poster submitted by James Watkins.  Flyers, postcards and letters page


2003 Votive Fundraiser with spring scents submitted by Cat (glowbug on BoB).  Fundraiser page.


PL Prayer by James Watkins.  Added to the Fun & Inspiration page.

Success Quiz by James Watkins. Check off everything that applies to you, then look at improvements you can make.  Added to the Organizational Tools page.

How To Book 8-10 Shows.  Handout for your new Consultant to help her/him get those bookings!  Great tool to use yourself too!  Submitted by James Watkins and added to the Sponsoring Tools page.

April Hostess Specials posted on the Hostess Specials Page.  Doc and Pdf format only.  You can also find all files on Tealited Tidbits by clicking on the Site Map link in the tealited banner above.


Memorial tribute to Bill Fraser added to the Memorial Page

Candle Pool submitted by ForMyLittleTLite.  Added to the Hostess Tools page.


Hostess Coaching Checklist added to the Hostess Tools page.  Submitted by Cari the Candle Chick




Idea for wax removal from carpet submitted by Karen.  Added to the FYI Page under

2003 Scent Labels including Spring Scents!  Submitted by Steve Tucky  Organizational Tools page

2003 Scent Chart including Spring Scents!  Submitted by Steve Tucky  Organizational Tools page

NEW!  Purse Game updated with Bonus B for Bookings!!  Submitted by Deb Ohland.  Games Page

Organize your DPS with this handy
spreadsheet!  Submitted by Steve Tucky  Organizational Tools page

March Hostess Specials posted!  Hostess Specials page

Night Off Flyer for Feb/March posted.  Flyers, Postcards and Letters page



PL Lavish Line sample lables.  Submitted by Jasa.  Photos by Steve Tucky with editing by tealited.  Print using Avery Label format.  Added to Organizational Tools page

Door Prize Slip for fairs and festivals submitted by Lissa.  Flyers, Postcards and Letters page

Excel format
Adobe pdf format

Fundraiser Forms posted to Fundraiser page.  Thanks to Lara for the Lavish Line Fundraiser and Melissa for the Votive Fundraiser.

Congratulations to the Scavenger Hunt winners!
1st prize winner:
Jacquie (BoB screen name)
2nd prize winner:
Chiquita Bunny (BoB screen name)
3rd prize winner:
AlysiaX (BoB screen name)

You can see all the correct answers listed on the BoB message board

Thank you to all of you who participated in the BoB/Tealited Rotating Banner Scavenger Hunt!

It's a BoB/Tealited Rotating Banner Scavenger Hunt!
Time for some fun!  Go here for all the rules and instructions as well as entry form.  PLEASE read ALL the instructions before you proceed.  The hunt will begin now and end on Friday evening when we draw the winners.  I think I have covered any questions you may have but if you need help, direct all questions to jackie@bestofboards.com

Look at the awesome prizes the Rotating Banner Business Links have donated for the prize winners!  (Click on pictures for larger view and detailed prize list)

1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize

Be sure and thank the Rotating Banner Business Links for their donation of prizes for this fun game!

Now get your keyboard fingers ready to go and have fun hunting down the answers!  ~jackie




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