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Scent Sampler Labels
Thank You Cards
New Catalog & Bookings
Votive Roses
Votive Roses Tent Card


Scent Sampler Labels

Make your own labels for your scent sampler if you use the polycons.
Just use your favorite label program and make a whole set!
As you'll see when you look at the pic, on each label, Steve has what types of candles come in that particular scent.

Click here to see what Steve's labels look like.
(These are not current 2002 scents but used for example)


Thank You Cards

I hope you send your hostesses a thank you note after the show is closed to let her/him know how much you appreciate them!

Make your own personalized thank you cards to send to your hostesses!
This is the front of Steve's Thank You card as an example:

Thank You Note
Click pic for larger view

With all the pics I have on the site now, you have a big choice of what to put on the front!

Don't know what to say on the inside? Here's some ideas:

Dear ______, Just wanted to thank you for being such a terrific hostess!
I really had a great time and enjoyed meeting your friends and family.
I'll call you in a few months to stay in touch. In the meantime, call if
you need any wax or accessories!

Sincerely, ________________


Dear ______, Great Party!
Congratulations for earning so many FREE PL products!
I'll call you in a few months, but don't hesitate to call me
before that, if you have questions or need anything.

Sincerely, ________________


Dear ___________, Just a note to say thank you for hostessing your
recent PL party. I'm happy you earned so many FREE items!
Let me know when you need more wax and we'll book
your party date so you can get it all FREE again!

Sincerely, ________________


New Catalog & Bookings

When you send out your new catalogs, include a postcard stamped and addressed to you.
Ask the recipient to look through the catalog and help you decide what to buy since you can't buy it all. This way you know what folks want to see and they have some ownership in what is in your kit. Thus easier to get them to book when you call.


Votive Roses
Thanks to Julie93 for posting this idea on the BoB message board!

Beautiful bouquet of Votive Roses!
Steve is going to sell these at his shows for $2.00 each
and donate any profits to the PL ACS fund!
So what do you say guys and gals?!  Let's join with Steve
and do this at our shows too!

Votive Roses in Quad Prism Pedestal
Click picture for larger view
(pic by Steve)


Supplies needed to make 6 votive roses:
Tulle or craft netting (cut into 8" squares)
6 PL votives
6 balloon sticks and cups
Floral tape
12 (3 leaf) rose leaves (2 per rose)

Put the cup on the balloon stick if it's not already attached. Next, lay the votive on top of the cup. Place tulle square over top of votive and wrap it around the votive and stick. Now twist to get it tight. Next, start at the bottom of the balloon cup and wrap florist tape all the way down to the bottom of the stick (if you've never used florist tape before - it needs to stretched tight as you wind it down the stick). Now take one leaf section and attach it to the stick using the florist tape. Do the same for the other leaf. Just place them wherever you think they look good. You can also use just one leaf section per rose, if you prefer.

Depending on what you have to pay for the rose leaves, you can make these for $1.00 to 1.50 each. You can make these rather quickly. I would guess that each one takes me about 1 minute to make, 2 minutes tops, if I have the tulle pre-cut and all my supplies laid out.


BoB Business Links offering balloon sticks and cups.  Updated June 2007:

Consultant Corner
Kits and supplies


You can probably find them locally at a Party Supply Store too if you don't want to order online.


Votive Roses Tent Card - #1
Votive Roses Tent Card for ACS
Click pic for larger view
Display this at your shows!

You can copy these pics for the front of your card, or if you prefer, click here to download Steve's Print Shop file he used to make the card above.
  Note:  You must have
The Print Shop software on your computer to use Steve's card file.
Print Shop
files for the pics below are under each .jpg

Votive Roses Tent Card - #2
Roses for ACS tent card
Click pic for larger view
Roses For Cancer
Print Shop File

Votive Roses Tent Card - #3
Roses for Canada tent card
Click pic for larger view
Roses For Cancer (Canada)
(Print Shop File)



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