Created by Jackie Whiteker with help from Renee and Candlefishy

Ths game is similar to Pictionary.
I use a medium sized whiteboard for guests to draw on.
They just hold it on their laps to draw.

Rules: 1 ticket for artist - 2 tickets for first one to guess right answer
Hostess is first artist - Everyone guesses - yell out those answers!
1 or 2 minute limit on guessing. Correct guesser is next artist
Can draw anything except words !

 These next suggestions from Heather (aka LIGHTOFLOVE) Thank you Heather!


Play as many drawings as you think time allows. (Do demo throughout game.)
Make up your own ideas for drawings or use these.

Game Over - Have guests tear tickets in half - put 1/2 in basket for drawing.
Draw 1 or more tickets - depending on how many prizes
you want to give away. If small crowd, you can always draw 3 or 4 extra
times and let them steal prizes from one another!