Weakest Link (Wick) Game.  Submitted by Charlene

Instructions for playing the game:

At the beginning, I gave everyone a piece of paper (mine were shaped as candles). These are for them to cast their votes on. I just let them know that after each round, they would cross off the name, so that they could use it in the next round. My original idea was to have the papers laminated, and they would use a wipe-off crayon, or white board marker, so that they could wipe off the previous votes. Also, make sure all your guests have name tags, just in case you don't know them all personally, or have a bad memory like me! LOL!

I gave them 90 seconds per round, and then threw out the questions. Make sure to tell them to listen well, because some of the questions might be repeated!

At the end of the 90 seconds, they vote off the weakest link. When there are 2 players left, I do a "best out of 3 " round. They each get 3 questions, and the best score is the winner.

While they are voting, between rounds, I would throw out an insult or two.

It was real fun because I wore my "librarian" glasses, and tried to use my best British accent.

Note:  Not all the questions are candle related. Some are general trivia, TV trivia and commercial trivia.


What is the average burn time of a votive candle? (8 HOURS)

How many lbs. of wax is in the 3-wick candle? (8 LBS)

To what length must you trim your wicks on the votive, dinner and pillar candles? (1/4")

If you deserve a break today, which fast food restaurant should you visit? (MCDONALDS)

What was the name of the Bradyís maid? (ALICE)

How many players are on the field in a regulation baseball game? (9)

Why do you burn a metal tealight in the tealight houses? (HEAT BUILDS UP - PLASTIC CUPS CAN MELT)

What is the average investment that must be made to become a PL consultant? ($0.00)

Why do you hug a pillar candle? (TO BURN IT EVENLY AND PREVENT A WELL)

What is ETís favorite candy? (REESES PIECES)

Which letter occurs more times in the English language? (E)

According to the National Board of Statistics, what is the most common flavor for popsicles? (ORANGE)

What percent can a hostess earn for free when she has a qualified show? (25%)

Why should you snuff out your candles? (TO KEEP THE WICK CENTERED AND PREVENT WAX  FROM SPRAYING)

How can you remove scratches or polish up your candles? (USE PANTYHOSE)

Which toilet paper are you not allowed to squeeze? (CHARMIN)

Which TV show has roommates named Rachel & Monica? (FRIENDS)

Who was famous for saying Nanoo Nanoo? (MORK)

Approx. how many hours does the 3-wick burn? (400 HOURS)

When a votive is completely burned, what are you left with? (THE METAL SUSTAINER RING)

What brand name are PL Candles? (COLONIAL CANDLE OF CAPE COD)

Which popular singer is known as the Chairman of the Board? (FRANK SINATRA)

How many decades are there in a millenium? (100)

What is the name of Santaís head reindeer? (RUDOLPH)

How can you clean silk flowers? (SALT)

What type of item would you use an aluminum tealight in? (TEALIGHT HOUSES OR CLOSED PRODUCTS LIKE THE TEALIGHT TORTOISE)

How long does the average tealight burn? (4 HOURS)

What does the acronym REM stand for? (RAPID EYE MOVEMENT)

What product features a tiger that says Theyíre Grrrrreat? (FROSTED FLAKES)

What has 2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun?(BIG MAC)

How should you extinguish your candles? (WITH A SNUFFER)

Who is our hostess tonight? 

What is the most important thing to do with your wicks? (KEEP THEM TRIMMED AND CENTERED)

What material would you NOT find in PL wicks? (LEAD)

Under which plant is it customary to exchange kisses? (MISTLETOE)

Who wrote A Christmas Carol? (CHARLES DICKENS)

What month does the holiday catalogue debut? (JULY)

Name the porcelain fairy that made her appearance in Jan 2000? (ARIANA)

How many half-price items would you get if you have a $600 show? (3)

Who painted the Sisteen Chapelís ceiling? (MICHAEL ANGELO)

Which painter cut off his ear? (VAN GOUGH)

Which singing group features singers named Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh and Sporty? (SPICE GIRLS)

What was the name of the lady who founded CCCC? (MABEL BAKER)

Why are tapers unscented? (SO THEY DON'T MINGLE WITH FOOD AROMAS)

How many letters are there in the English alphabet?(26)

If you were at Graceland, which state would you be in? (TENNESSEE)

What do the letters WWW stand for in an internet address? (WORLD WIDE WEB)

Which Star Wars character is Luke Skywalkerís father? (DARTH VADER)


Name 3 scents of PL candles. (VANILLA, BLUEBERRY, SKY, ETC.)

What material are tealight houses made of? (CERAMIC OR PORCELAIN)

Before hitting the big screen, which TV series did Brad Pitt star in? (DALLAS)


Who holds the record for home runs in one season? (MARK MAGUIRE)

If your scotch was on the rocks, how would you be drinking it? (ON ICE)

Which candles do you NOT trim your wicks on? (3 WICK)

Which scent/color votive will burn longer: Black Cherry or Vanilla? (BLACK CHERRY)

What is the name of PL'S cabin getaway tealight house? (GONE FISHIN')

Which detergent would you be soaking in if you were sitting with Madge in the beauty salon? (PALMOLIVE)

A little dab of what, will do ya? (BRYL CREAM)

What takes a licking, but keeps on ticking? (TIMEX)


Whose wick has been cut too short to light?
Who still buys their candles at the drug store?
Who has wicks that donít go all the way through?
Whose candles are still not scented clear through?
Whose candles only burn half way?
Whose candle has lost its scent?
Whose candles don't want to be hugged by them?
Who's a few tealights (or votives) short of a dozen?
Whose 3x9 pillar lacks and inch or two?
Who's been snuffed one too many times?
The candles are lit, but nobody's home.
Whose wick is not correctly centered?
Your jar candle lid a little tight?
Seems you've been in the dark a bit too long...
Who has melted under the pressure?
Whose summer home is made of wax?
Who is missing the lead from their crystal?
Who broke their Mosaic Hurricane?
Who didn't hostess coach their Friday night show?
Who actually turned down the opportunity to Earn FREE product?
Whose Wick is Limp, Black, and Bent?
Who's blown out their candles a few too many times?
Who's caught themselves on fire a few too many times?
Whose Bic didn't click when they tried to light their wick?
Whose candle melted in transit?
Somebody needs pantyhose to shine their candle!
So who's about to be snuffed now?
Whose 3-wick is missing a wick or two?
Who left their wax in the freezer too long?