Valentine Ms.Left & Mr. Right Game
Submitted by Candejo from BoB Message Board
Original author is NANCY SUL Fabulous Region  

I carry a sack of red balloons with me and have them blow them up and everyone has one.  So it can get crazy!  But you could use anything to pass. What I found really makes this fun is that everyone has something to pass.   Candejo 

Valentine Version: Mrs. Left & Mr. Right

_______________decided to have a Valentineís PL Party right in her own home. She immediately called her friend, Ms. Right and invited her. 
Ms. Right said, Yes she would love to come. 
She certainly didnít want to be left out. 
Well, Ms. Right got all excited and immediately called her friend Mr. Left who lived right down the street. 
Ms. Right told Mr. Left all about the Valentine Candle Party! 
Mr. Left said heíd love to go along and would even give her a ride. 
Ms. Right became excited at the thought of spending the afternoon with Mr. Left. On the day of the party, Mr. Left, picked up Ms. Right right on time and they left right away. When they came to the corner, Mr. Left asked Ms. Right which way _________lived. 
Ms. Right wasnít really sure, but she suggested Mr. Left turn right. 
So, thatís what Mr. Left did. 
Right away, Ms. Right realized they should have turned left instead of right so she told Mr. Left she was wrong and they needed to turn right. 
They found _______ house and made it to the party right on time. 
Ms. Right and Mr. Left had such a wonderful time they decided to have a PL party together. 
That was a year ago... Well, today, Ms. Right has a new name, it is Mrs. Left. Happy Valentineís Day Ladies! 
The first one to sit on their balloon and break it wins a prize!!! Go For It!