U Pick the Demo using songs
Renee's original game is also fun if you use song titles to present your demo.
Below are some songs I picked out to use.
Pass the cards around and let each guest pick 1 or 2 songs they like or just think they sound good.
Click here to get the cards already made up for this version.
After they are all passed out and you're ready to begin - tell the guests that they have just chosen the topics you will be discussing tonight.  Here's how to do the tickets:

1 ticket just for reading the card
2 tickets more if they can guess what the song has to do with PL
3 tickets more if they have a new suggestion that goes with the topic
4 extra tickets if they sing a line or more from the song
Person with most tickets at end - wins!


Another variation - as each guest reads their card - give them a gift (maybe do this 4 times, depending on the size of the party).  Then, after that, after each guest reads her card and you finish telling them what you want, allow them to steal a gift from someone who already has one.  Continue around the room until all cards have been read.  You can also, if you choose, give a tealight to each person at the end who doesn't have a prize.  I do this often when I have a small crowd.

  1. Candle In the Wind (Elton John or Aerosmith) - Don't burn candles in a drafty area
  2. Only Time (Enya) - Burning times
  3. Any Colour You Like (Pink Floyd) - Over 50 different scents and/or colors
  4. Take Me Out To The Ball Game (Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly) - Perfect for the office, sports nut - golf, soccer and baseball candle holders
  5. From Me To You (Beatles) - 2, 3 and 4 booking gifts when your friends book a party from you
  6. We Can Work It Out (Beatles) - 60 day Return Policy - no fussing or fighting for returns
  7. America The Beautiful - (Elvis Presley) - Our candles burn clean 
  8. Meet Me In St. Louis! (John Williams or Judy Garland) - Conference this year
  9. Fire and Ice (Pat Benatar) - Freezer to pop out left over wax
  10. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland) - Sponsoring Talk - you can do it!
  11. My Elusive Dreams (George Jones and Tammy Wynette) - A thing of the past once you become a consultant
  12. Paper Roses (Marie Osmond) - Votive roses for ACS
  13. I'm All Shook Up (Elvis) - Salt in a bag to clean florals
  14. Hot Legs (Rod Stewart) pantyhose to shine and clean your candles
  15. Money (Beatles ) - The more you sponsor, the more you make!
  16. True Colors (Cindy Lauper) - Our candles are solid color through the whole candle (except ball candles)
  17. You Need A Hug (Ataris) - Hug your 3 wicks and pillars
  18. Born Free (Andy Williams ) - Be a hostess and get it FREE!
  19. Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You (Dolly Parton) - Our candles are more economical than others because they liquefy and you burn the whole candle
  20. Thank You ( Ray Boltz) - Thank you for being a hostess! (present hostess gift)