U-Pick the Demo 
Original idea by Renee

Jackie's April Fool's Version

NOT SO "TRICK"Y  (hug your 3 wick and pillars)

THE JOKES ON YOU! (What happens to you if you don't book a show and receive all the FREE goodies! )

THERE'S NO PRANK HERE (Being a consultant is a life changing adventure)

THAT JUST REALLY BURNS ME! (candle burning times)

APRIL FOOLS! (These look like roses, but they're really votives! Buy a votive rose to help support our ACS fund drive)

APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS (New season - new BnB catalog)

IN LIKE A LION - OUT LIKE A LAMB (Snuff your candles - don't blow them out)

YOU'RE SUCH A CUT UP! (trim your wicks)

THE LITTLE WHITE LIE ( Our candles are scented and colored throughout (except the ball candles) - most store bought candles are white on the inside and only scented on the outside)

NO LIE! (Our brass is high quality and lacquer coated to resist tarnishing and preserve it's beauty)

BLOOMING FLOWERS ( Salt to clean your florals)

YOU'RE PULLING MY LEG! ( Pantyhose to clean florals)

IT'S FREEZING IN HERE! (Place your votive cups in freezer to remove wax easily)

I CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU! (24% lead crystal and glass products)