Stealing Hearts

You need all the heart cards and all the diamond cards from a regular deck of cards. You also need 2 to 4 small gifts. I use 4 -- 1 is a tulle wrapped votive, 1 is a roll of 3 tealights, 1 is 2 votives wrapped like a candy roll and the 4th prize is something nicer like a votive holder and votive.  I always wrap this one disguised so they can't tell what it is.  You can do it however you want and only use a couple prizes if you want.

To begin you explain to all the guests that you want them to ask questions about your job with PL and you want them to be as nosey as they'd like! For each question asked, a guest will get a heart card from the deck of cards -- the more cards, the more chances they will have to win a prize afterwards!!! There are 13 heart cards in the deck so it will mean 13 questions being asked about the opportunity with PL!!! 

Explain that after all the heart cards have been handed out, you will then call out cards at random! You will then use the diamond cards from the deck, shuffled up, pick one at random and call out loud but replace "diamond" with "heart". So if you pick the 5 of diamonds you will say "5 of hearts". The person with the first card called gets to pick 1 of the gifts BUT you must tell her not to get too attached to it! Then you call the next card and the person with that card gets to pick a remaining gift. Do this for all gifts you have.  When all the gifts are gone from your basket or whatever, tell the next person who's card you call that they will now have to STEAL a gift from someone!  Continue this until all 13 cards have been called.  After the last card is called out, tell them they get to keep whatever they end up with after all cards are called.  If I have a small group, I give each "loser" a tealight.

This is such a fun game!  I have learned from experience though, that there are always those who want to hog all the questions and some who are too shy to ask.  So for me it works best if I go around the room and request each person ask one question, then after that, anyone can shout out a question.  This will only work if you have 10 or fewer guests in attendance.  If you have more than 10, stick with letting them shout out a question at random.  

At the end of the game I explain the the other reason the game is called "Stealing Hearts" is because the career opportunity with PL has stolen my heart!!!!