INSTRUCTIONS: Use a roll of tickets with duplicates or numbers on each end.  Give each guest 10 tickets and tell them "We're going on a scavenger hunt in the PL catalog!"  I'll read a clue and the first one to yell out the correct answer with page number of item gives me one (or 1/2) of one of their tickets.  At the end, we'll draw for prizes, so the more clues you find, the better your chances of winning!  


It's heavy lead crystal, casting beautiful rays. Use a votive or pillar, try it both ways! (Aurora Pillar holder pg. 38)

Spiraled wrought iron, and frosted finish globes, Choose 8, 10 or 12 inch, your candles to hold. (Spiral light holders, pg. 25)


They may be an illusion, of swirling candle light, But this pair of votive holders, just may heat up your love life. (Illusions , pg. 22)

Four tapers or peglights, this brass piece may hold, It’s great for all seasons, just let your imagination flow. (Quartet, pg. 49)

Drizzled with molten glass, and painted with 24k gold, A tealight or votive I can hold. (Calypso Gold holders, pg. 20)

Take a small journey, to a calmer place, When you light these candles, relax, let the rest of the world wait. (Indulgences, pg. 26,27)

The baseball season’s here, so dust off your hats, And celebrate the season with this ball and silver-plated bats. (Batter-Up, pg. 47)

A bisque porcelain piece, with an historic style, For basket lovers this gift will surely bring a huge smile. (Nantucket Basket, pg. 28)

A salad of fruit, soft colors not bold, Keep or share with friends, tealights or votives we’ll hold. (Fruit Splash, pg.43)


Of hand blown glass, in delicate jewel tones, This trio is something; you might want to own. (Mosaic Trio, pg. 6)


A handsome prince, waiting for your kiss, Add our floral citronella candles, for summertime bliss! (Frog Prince, pg.3 bnb)

We three joined together in 8 pounds of wax, Should never be clipped to help you burn to the max. (Three wick)

Seated in a garden, a pleasure to behold, In her delicate hand, your child’s tooth she may hold. (Arianna, pg. 15)


Floating in your pool, on the picnic table or near your chair, These pieces send your favorite scents bubbling through the air (bubble fl. pg. 4 bnb)

A shimmering optic glass holder, in an antique brass stand, Add your personal touches like water, candy or sand. (Soliloquy, pg. 48)

For a wedding or anniversary, brass as bright as the sun, Two rings joined together, the two become one. (Gemini, pg. 39)


Vivid colors in hand blown glass, each piece unique as can be, Imagine diving in the tropics with any of these . (Rivieria, Capri, pg. 28)


These buddies hold your tealights, a ladybug and butterfly, No matter the weather, they’re a summer treat for the eye. (Sunfl Buddies, pg. 14)


For a very special hostess with three friends who know, The very best way to get products is to host a show. (Hospitality, back cover.)

It’s off to the Northwood's, a vacation’s what I’ve been missin’, The canoe and campfire are ready; this guy’s Gone Fishin’! ( pg. 47)

Dreams of summer, sand and sea, A day at the beach brings back childhood memories. (Sandcastle, Pg. 29)


They’re quilted and crystal, and versatile you’ll see They’ve long been a favorite in the PL family. (Quilted Crystal Pair, pg. 17)

This won’t keep you dry when it begins to rain, but hang in your house or gazebo to see stars again. (Arpil Showers p.7 bnb)

If you like to travel, In this you'll delight, A Gold plated shell and 6 fragrant tealights. All sung in their pouches, pack them for their flight, You'll always have your candles to make your day bright. (Pg. 13 - Travel Tealight)


Patterns of leaves cast fascinating reflections, While gracefully hanging on wrought iron suspension. One sits on a table, the other on a wall Owning them both will leave friends in awe! (Pg.22,23 - Bamboo Sconce & Bamboo Lantern)

Everyone envisions a job where you can have a ball, An income for paying off bills, vacations, or frequenting the mall. Work as much or as little you like, make your own hours. Spend time with your family and start to smell the flowers. (Back Cover - Have it all)

Six hours a day, February til May, this candle will last- it's fragrance will stay! The wax in our search can't be bought- it is free- For a hostess with bookings- how many? JUST THREE! A wick for each friend who wants products for free By scheduling her own PL shopping spree! (Back cover) · Here I say, " Now since you can't buy this piece- here's a chance to give up 3 tickets- decide now to book a show and we'll earn this gift for you when 3 of YOUR friends date parties with me!")

Whether married for decades, or just starting out, This piece represents what love is about. Eternally united, yet two separate minds, No more special gift, will you ever find. (Gemini pg. 39)

She could be the tooth fairy, and among other things, This porcelain beauty can hold your best rings. A delicate piece- as a gift- is just right, For any young girl who has dreamed of flight! (Ariana pg.15)


For the man in your life who loves the big green, For whom 18 holes is a heavenly scene. This holder reminds him of where he should go- When it's YOUR turn to hold a PL show! (Tee Off pg. 47)


This style of glass is exquisite and fine, Its colors are vibrant with delicate lines. Hand-painted hand-blown, a beautiful site! Exclusively fashioned just for PL! (Mosaic line pages 6 & 7)

This fragrance is found only in a jar, It might make you think of a caramel candy bar! To make your guests all believe that you bake- Light this candle, then set out a Cake! (Creme Caramel page 43)

Can't get to the ocean? We'll bring it to you! This whole page will make you see waters so blue. From the scent of the sea to the birds in the air- This page gives you the beach without sand in you hair! (pages 28,29)

Wrought iron lovers just can't get enough Of this antique design made to hold AND to snuff! Versatile and sturdy- what's best about IT- Is it comes FREE inside your PL start kit! (Barrington, pg 4, back cover )

You may be tempted to add these to your drink they're quite a nice summertime pair, don't you think? (Glacier pair, pg. 8)


A quiet getaway in the mountains I see Take a swim in the lake Or a stroll by a tree Isn't this where you would like to be? (Gone Fishin p 47)

If you like to travel, In this you'll delight! A gold plated holder and 6 tealights! (Travel Tealight p.13) (lead into how candles can make even a lonely hotel room seem homey - great to send along with hubby when he travels out of town without you and every time he lights one, he'll remember you!)

A quilt? A pair? Did you get the clue? These will hold tapers, votives, tealights, balls and pillars too! (QC Pair p.17) (lead into candle descriptions)

If (hostess name)'s show totals 200 or more And she gets two or more bookings besides, When each of those shows total 200 each too, She'll receive one of these as her prize! ***fold out*** (lead into hostess program)

Why not indulge yourself? Unwind and just relax. This line was made with it's uniquely scented wax! (Indulgence p. 26,27)

What a lovely trio! Complete with frosted stems! A PL votive in each will shimmer to the end! (ICT p. 8 or 9)


Bye the ocean you'll find it, To help sailors get home, A gull sits atop it, No more to roam. (Stoney Harbor p.28)