Submitted by Robin Whittemore

You can use this game at most parties, but change it a bit if you have repeat guests.
Talk about yourself, your husband's name, children's name, how long you've been married, how long you've been selling PL, my $$$ in fund raiser sales last year ( that opens the door to talk about fund raisers)...trips you've been on, etc.

I do all this talking while passing out the books, papers, and just casually walking around.
When I finish with the big speech, I then ask them to take out the sheet of paper I gave them, then say, "Question #1... what is my husband's name?" I get a lot of, "OH, I wasn't listening". You can bet that they will listen this time!! It's a great recruiting game, shows them that though everyone is "busy", they can do this wonderful job too.