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Place about 12 items on a tray that are related to PL and have someone pass the tray around (it can't be you).

Have everyone number a piece of paper from 1 to 12, then introduce the person who will walk around with the tray, then have them walk around to each guest - letting them see the tray for about 10 seconds.

Next ask that person to take the tray into the other room (where she/he will stay - you'll tell them this ahead of time)

Now start asking the 12 questions - only the questions have nothing to do with what was on the tray. I ask things like:

1. What color was the person's hair who passed the tray?
2. What kind of shoes did she/he have?
3. Was his/her hair curly or straight?
4. What color were her/his eyes?
5. Did the person smile as she/he walked around the room?
6. What was the person's name?
7. Did she/he say anything while she/he was in here passing the tray?
8. What color was her/his blouse/dress/shirt?
9. Was she/he wearing glasses?
10.Was she/he wearing a wedding ring?
11.Was she/he tall or short?
12.Was she/he wearing earrings?

You can make up your own questions. I usually have someone with me at my shows so I use that person to pass the tray. But if you don't bring anyone with you, pick a guest as they are arriving and take them into the other room to tell them ahead of time what you are doing and what they are to do. Offer them a votive for helping you out.

It's really a lot of fun! I've played it twice now and each time the guests had a lot of fun with it!

Person with the most correct answers wins!