Original by Jackie Whiteker
Version update by Julye Shore

Twas the night before Christmas, and all was just right,
The candlelight twinkled, what a beautiful sight!

 Friends were coming right over in a minute or two
I scurried about with so much left to do!

 Now just as I thought Id left nothing undone,
I new something wasnt right how could I be so dumb?

 To the right was the kahlua, the baileys and rum
The cream, and the coffee the food ! Oh yum-yum! 

 What could it be thats not right? Im a dope!
I remembered the rum but left out the coke!

 Right at that moment I dashed right out the door!
Jumped right in the car my right foot hit the floor!

 I backed right out the drive and turned left down the lane
Was I in my right mind, or was I insane?

 Was there enough time left to get it all done?
Was this the right way to get coke for the rum?

 I hoped and I prayed that I was heading the right way!
I turned right and wondered are any stores left open today?

 I made a right turn on to Maple Oak Way
Pulled right up to the store it was open! Hurray!

I left the car running as I ran right into the store
Found the coke, turned left and almost slipped on the floor!

 I paid for the soda, ran right out to my car
Opened the left door, which was already ajar.

 Not much left to do except go right back in a rush
My right hand turned the mirror my hair needed a brush!

My mouth fell right open as I pulled up the drive.
Oh my goodness, the guests had already arrived!

I ran right out of the car and right into my room
Changed my clothes, brushed my hair and left with a zoom!

Well, all turned out fine the night was just right
The candles looked great, of course PL!

Right now I have just one thing left to cheer
Have a very merry Christmas and a right nice new year!