By Jackie Whiteker with special thanks to Moira for revisions

Twas the night before Christmas, and what a beautiful night,
The candlelight twinkled from LEFT to RIGHT.

Company was coming and I had much LEFT to do,
So I scurried about, as my husband helped too!

Now RIGHT as I thought I had LEFT nothing undone,
I realized I had forgotten to buy Coke for the Rum.

So I LEFT RIGHT that minute, I dashed to the car
Opened the RIGHT door, which was already ajar.

It started RIGHT up, and I turned RIGHT out the drive,
Settling down, I let out a big sigh.

Was there enough time LEFT to get it all done?
Was this the RIGHT way to get Coke for the Rum?

As I turned the car RIGHT to go the RIGHT way,
I sighed with relief - the store was open today!

I LEFT the car running, as I dashed RIGHT in the store,
RIGHT and LEFT I walked the floor.

I got the Coke and LEFT RIGHT away,
Got in the car and was on my way.

Not much LEFT now to worry about.
Just go to the RIGHT then turn RIGHT to my house.

My mouth fell RIGHT open as I pulled up the drive.
Oh my goodness, the guests had arrived!

I LEFT the car and dashed RIGHT to my room.
Threw on my party dress and LEFT with a zoom.

Went RIGHT to the kitchen to set out the Coke
Checked on the munchies I was serving the folks.

Well all turned out fine and the food was just RIGHT,
Nothing was LEFT over, not even a bite.

So RIGHT now I have just one thing LEFT to cheer,
Have a Very Merry Christmas and a RIGHT nice New Year!