By Jackie Whiteker

St. Patrick's Day Game & Ice Breaker - Good for repeat guests.
(on the invitations I wrote to be sure and wear green to the party!)

For this game, you'll need to have about 5 (or whatever you think you'll need)
gifts packaged up in little bags (stuff the bags with green easter grass and hide
the gift inside the grass). I'm going to use the bags I bought from Express Yourself.
I'll put matches and tealights in a few bags, votives in some, coupons in others for $1.00
off their order for that night, etc. Keep it simple.
One bag will have a little green clover sticker on it and one will have a green X.

O.k., since it is St. Patricks Day, anyone wearing green gets a free gift from me!

[Pass a gift out to each person who wears green. Instruct them NOT to open them!
Hopefully someone won't wear green, but if they all do, that's o.k. too.
If no one wears green, then I'll just pass out gifts to every other person].

Now, we're going to play a game called "Green With Envy"!

I'm going to read some questions, which all contain the word green or
some form of green in it, and the first person to shout out the right answer
gets to steal any one of the gifts she chooses from another person.

After all, aren't we all just a little bit envious of anyone who has a PL item we don't?

Now I'm only going to read so many questions, so listen up!

But first, look at the outside of your bags to see if you have one with a green X on it, or a green clover.

When I finish, whoever is holding the gift with the green clover
on it will get a free dozen votives of her choice if she books a party from [hostess] tonight.

The person who ends up with the package that has a green X on it will have the
opportunity to buy a 3 wick of her choice for 1/2 price if she books a party to be held within 30 days of today!

Otherwise, the prize for this game is whatever you're holding when I'm finished with my questions!

[If there are any guests present who have never been to a PL party before,
I'm going to have some questions to throw in here and there that have to do
with St. Patricks Day. This way, everyone has a fair chance to play].

O.k. here we go!!!

1. I'm looking for the name of any green candle that PL sells - name the scent or color name!

(Evergreen/Balsam Pine, Mint/Honeydew, Colonial Green/Bayberry, Jade/Eucalyptus, Arbor Green/Green Apple)

After they steal their gift, I'll summarize quickly - Over 50 different scents and colors -
not all come in all scents. We sell votives, tealights, floaters, tapers, pillars, balls, jars.


2. How many hours does a PL green votive burn for, on an average?

8-10 hours of course!
All votives burn for 8-10 hours, depending on holder and room conditions.


3. (Throw in - if needed) What is the most recognized green symbol used on St. Patricks Day?

Green clover


4. This item is on page 9 of the 2001 catalog. The color combination of green and blue inside it, makes this piece dance with color!  
It's about 5" high and entirely hand made with frosted glass.
Puzzled?  Think Antarctica.

Penguin Candle Holder


5. How much does the Green Apple 3-wick weigh?

8 lbs. -

All 14 different scented 3-wicks we sell, as well as the Pineapple 3 booking gift 3-wick,
weigh 8 lbs. Burn time is about 330 hours.


6. f you have a PL show in your home, and your party sales total 400 in green paper
of compensatable sales, AND you get 2 bookings, how much PL merchandise will you receive for free!

$125.00 free!
Now give talk about PL Hostess Gift Program


7. (Throw in - if needed) Why do we wear green on St. Patricks Day?

So we don't get pinched!


8. If you decide to become a PL consultant like me, how much will your kit
cost you in green paper to get started?

$0.00!!! With a $300.00 party
Talk briefly about starter show and benefits of being a consultant.


9. What does 1/4" have to do with PL green candles?

Wicks should be kept trimmed to 1/4" (except for 3 wick and 4x9 pillar)
This includes ALL colors of course, not just green.
Talk briefly about why - uneven burning from curled wick, cuts down burn time, no soot.


10. PL Jade votives have removable wicks.
Why would you want to remove the wick and re-insert it into the votive?

So it will burn better in the fluted holders like the ICT (applies to all colors of course)
Demonstrate with ICT


11. (Throw in - if needed) These little guys wear green and are usually
associated with St. Patricks Day. What are they called?



12. What type of Evergreen tealight would you burn inside the Meadow Brook Farm tealight house?

Metal cups
Give explanation of metal cup tealights and clear cups, and burn times.


13. And last but not is your final chance to steal -
What is the name of this green game?

Green With Envy!


O.k. everybody, who has the gift with the green clover? Congratulations!
Now you get to choose your favorite scent of votives for free when you book your show and
they'll arrive when your order for this party comes!

Who has the gift with the green X on it? Alright! So would you like to book a party tonight?
(hopefully she says YES!) Great, then you can pick out which scented 3-wick
you want and buy if for half price! I will deliver it to you the day/night that you have your party!!
(If the party is going to be too soon to get it ordered, you could say that it will be delivered with the rest of her show order)
We'll book a date after my demonstration tonight!

Everyone else - open up your bags to see what you got!

By the time I get through the questions and elaborate on some of them,
I will pretty much have my demo complete and can now show a few pieces in particular, then end the demo.

I'll use the personal bonus for the 1/2 price 3 wick and votives, if I am going to order it
on the booking person's show. Otherwise, I'll order on a COF.