Family Feud

submitted by Tina


Thank you all for participating! Please note, some answers weren't too clear
or could be construed as different things, so I put them into the category I
felt was closest. Also, if someone gave more than 1 answer to a question, I
only counted the first answer. Here are the results:

1.What is the best reason for holding a PL show?
Top 5 answers on the board:
Free Stuff!  92
Fun/Friends  4
Hostess Specials 2
Half-price Items  1
New catalogs/products 1
2. What is the greatest appeal in starting a PL career?
Top 7 answers on the board
Being your own Boss  33
(which I think includes setting your own hours, flexibility)
Money  27
No investment to start  23
Consultant discount       8
Earning trips                 4
Previewing new product 3
Meeting new friends      2
3. Name one item that comes in the PL starter kit?  (USA)
Top 11 answers on the board

Iced Crystal Trio   42
Mosaic Tealight Holder  18
Quilted Crystal Pair        8
Barrington                       7
Quartet                           7
Falmouth                         5
Votive Sampler                4
Chatham Snuffer            3
Candles                          2
Magnolia Swag               2
Manual                            1
catalog/paperwork          1
4. Name an incentive offered by PL to their consultants to reach sales goals?
Top 5 answers on the board
Monthly Bonus    35
Free Product      33
(I included Brite Start and GCs in this category)
Vacations            23
Logo Items           5
Jewelry               4
5. Name one votive scent?
Top 20 answers on the board
Honeydew        17
Raspberry        15
Ocean Mist       12
Vanilla               9
Cranberry          7
Pineapple           7
Grape                6
Black Cherry      4
Pear                  4
Gardenia           4
Balsam Pine        3
Eucalyptus         2
Lemongrass        2
Solitude             1
clarity                1
Green apple        1
Summer Showers 1
Peach                 1
Sky                    1
Spiced Plum        1
Bergamot            1  
6. What is a good tip for getting the most out of your PL candle?
Top 8 answers on the board
Trim wicks                42
Hug 'em                     16
Keep out of drafts     15
Follow recommended burn time    15
Burn in proper holder                    6
Snuff                                           4
Refrigerate                                   1
burn it!                                          1
7. Name one material out of which PL candle holders are made?
Top 5 answers on the board
Lead crystal        51
Brass                   33
Glass                   9
Porcelain             5
Wrought Iron      2
8. Name a characteristic of our 6"  x  8"  candle?
Top 7 answers on the board

3 wicks        29
400 hour burn time  25
big and heavy          17
Burns flat/pancake  11
Huggable                 11
Scented/colored through 6
No wick trimming required    1
9. What accessories does PL offer to enhance candleholders?
Top 6 answers on the board

Floral rings      60
Sand/rocks      21
candles              7
Mirrored coasters   6
Other candle holders 4
Snuffers                   2
10. Name a characteristic of our votives?
Top 7 answers on the board

Completely liquify and evaporate           47
scented/colored throughout                  15
Removable wick/flip over                      14
Burn time 8-10 hours                             14
No soot/clean burning                            6
100% cotton wick/no lead                      2            
Wax is not hot                                       2

As for the game board, I was just thinking of using a piece of oaktag, and
when there are 7 answers on the board, for instance, put up 7 pieces of
fun-tack gooey stuff, and when the answer is given, put up the answer on an
index card. I was thinking do 5 rounds (5 people in each "family" if you have
a bigger crowd, maybe pair them up). Each round, one person comes up from
each family, shakes hands!, and the first to ring the bell (or whatever) and
answer correctly, their family gets to go.   they get 3 outs, and the other
family can huddle and answer. If they answer correctly, they get all the
points for the round.  Winning team picks out 2 people for the fast-pace
final round, where they have to answer 5 questions in 25/30 seconds, where
second person can't duplicate first person's answer. If they get 200 points,
they are grand winners. If not, they are still winners, because everyone has
a good time and orders quality product!!
Of course, if you have the  Family F
eud board game already, you could
probably make that work, if it's not too small.

I was planning on using this for a great repeat group I have who "absolutely
know Everything about PL", but I think you could use this with a new group if
you do your booking/sponsoring/candle care spiel first. Use the game as a
'test' to make sure they were listening!  

Would love to hear feedback on this from anyone who uses it.