PL Customer Survey

City:_________________ State:_______ Zip:________
Telephone Number:____________________________
Email Address:________________________________
When were you last a guest at a PL In Home Demonstration?_______________________
When were you last a hostess for a PL Demonstration?______________
What is your favorite candle scent?______________________________


Do you enjoy coming to PL Demonstrations?                           YES  /    NO
Have you ever considered hosting a demonstration?               YES  /    NO
Have you ever been or considered becoming a consultant
for any direct sales company before?                                       YES  /    NO
Would you like to receive FREE products from PL?                  YES  /    NO

If you were to be a hostess which would be the best and worst month for you to book a show in.  BEST: __________________WORST:__________________
How do you rate this consultant (scale of 1-10 1 terrible 10 superior)  _______________

If you are not interested in hosting a candle party with this consultant, what is your main reason.

  • I already have a different consultant
  • I do not have the time
  • My home is too small
  • Other:____________________________

Please send me a NEW 2002 PL catalog!

YES  /  NO

What would PL need to offer you to book a Home Demonstration?

  • Higher Hostess Credit
  • Better Hostess Specials
  • Lower Sales Requirements for specials
  • Other:_____________________________

Contact me by way of:

  • Email

  • Telephone

  • US Mail

How often would you like this consultant to contact you? (check one)

  • Monthly (when new hostess specials are released)
  • Quarterly
  • Seasonally (when new catalogs come out)
  • Other:____________________________

I would like information on:

  • Hosting a demonstration in my home

  • Hosting a come and go party in my home

  • Having a catalog party

  • Attending a career opportunity meeting