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Some of these poems  on this page are not related to candles,
but I put them here anyway, in case you want to include them with a PL gift 
to that special someone.

To Dad, From Your Daughter
Wonderful Poem to give to Daughter from Dad
My First Grandchild (to give along with Ariana)
Jesus Whispered In My Ear Today
To My Son
To My Brother
With Love, From Dad
A Special Grandma
Together Forever (give with The Gemini)
My Heart's Aglow! (give with Hearts Aglow)
Always With You (give with Traveling Tealight or Hearts Aglow)
A Symbol Of My Love (give with Solitaire)
You Light Up My Life (give with Solitaire)
Beautiful Reflections (give with Solitaire)
Ariana Poem (short)
Wedding Favor
More Wedding Poems
Wedding Shower
Baby Shower Favor
Baby Announcements
Old Catalogs
Little Miss Ariana
- (give with Ariana) Added 02-20-01
Great Beginning for your show!
Added 02-21-01
"I'm Sorry" Candle  Added 3-9-01



To Dad, From Your Daughter
By Jackie Whiteker

As each year passes by dad
I begin to realize,
How much I've always leaned on you
For wisdom and advice.

I remember all the endless times
You taught me right from wrong.
Because of you I have faith in myself
And a confidence true and strong.

I have many special memories
Of things you have said or done,
And I catch myself smiling dad,
As I remember them, one by one.

And even though I'm all grown up
I can still depend on you,
For words of wisdom and guidance
In everything that I do.

So dad this year I give to you
A gift you'll always have.
The love and admiration
From a daughter, to her dad


Wonderful Poem to give to Daughter from Dad
Written by JasaVa
Submitted by Steve Tucky

For when you were a baby
I held you so tight
I was the only man
who kept you in my sight

For when you were a teen
I cheered you and stood tough
for you had new loves
and I knew it would be rough

For now you are a lady
I don't always see you around
I just wanted to let you know
That I am so very proud


For My First Grandchild
(To give along with Ariana)
By Jackie Whiteker

Here's some gifts my little one,
My very first grandchild to love.
Together we'll have so much fun.
For you, I thank God above.

To you, my very first gift,
Is my love that I will share.
Money could never buy it,
Love's priceless beyond compare.

The second gift I gift to you,
Is something to keep from me.
Something you will surely use,
As time marches on, you'll see.

When you're born, your name will go
On the bottom of Ariana in gold.
And as your baby teeth choose to go,
Place them in her hand to hold.

The date will be written on the bottom.
And in the morning, when you awaken,
A treasure you'll see in Ariana's garden
In exchange for your tooth the fairy's taken.

And as you grow and collect keepsakes,
You can place them in the glass cup
Where Ariana will keep them safe,
Until you choose to put them up.

One day you'll have a home of your own,
And with you Ariana will go,
She'll hold a candle to light up your home,
And remind you of the memories you treasure so.

And if you have a child someday,
Ariana will be a gift beyond compare.
A new name to add to the bottom that day
And something you two will always share.


I wrote this one for a dear friend of mine that I worked with at the time.
She and her husband were blessed with their first child on March 13, 1993.
Joshua has many physical and mental handicaps as he was born
with a syndrome referred to as Trisome #9.
This hasn't stopped him from being a joy to both proud parents.
He has touched the hearts of many - including myself.

Jesus Whispered In My Ear Today
By Jackie Whiteker

Jesus Whispered in my ear today
and told me how much He loved me,
and then He said He wanted me to know
what a special mommy and daddy He gave me.

Two people chosen solely by Him
to help me be all I can be,
who would always be gentle and patient
and thankful God blessed them with me.

He then said "Dear Joshua remember -
whatever this life on earth brings,
your guardian angel stands watch over you
while I am in control of all things."

He told me that though I'm just an infant
I can tell you both I love you,
by simply looking at you with my bright eyes
and letting my love shine through.

He smiled when I got sleepy today mommy,
and you sang me a lullaby,
and He watched as daddy held me in his arms
and I gently closed both my sleepy eyes.

He said it filled His heart with joy
to watch the three of us
A Father - Mother - and a Son
who love the Lord so much.

And then He gently touched my hand
and gave it a loving squeeze,
and I looked up and smiled at Him
as He smiled back at me.

"I bless you Joshua" He said to me.
"I know your every need
That's why I gave you a mommy and daddy
who would love you and teach you about Me."

So thank you sweet Jesus for whispers in my ears
that help me along the way,
and thank you for mommy and daddy,
who thank You - for me - when they pray.


I wrote this one for our son when he
graduated from high school in 1993

To My Son
By Jackie Whiteker

I'm so very proud of you son,
for all that you've grown up to be.
A loving son - A fine young man,
with such a great personality.

And on this special day of yours,
as you graduate from Circle High,
I just wanted to let you know
you're so loved by your dad and I.

For eighteen years you've given us
some wonderful times together.
Memories I'll cherish in my heart -
that are etched in my mind forever.

Don't let tomorrow worry you,
you've plenty to look forward to.
New adventures, new friends to meet,
so many great things you will do.

I know sometimes in all our lives,
decisions are difficult to make,
But if you'll put your trust in God,
He'll show you the path to take.

He's given you a special talent
of working with your hands.
Repairing cars, and electronics too -
you really seem to understand.

I know this world will be a better place
with you out there my son -
Helping people in whatever you do,
giving your best to each one.

The best advice I can give to you
is to take life one day at a time.
Always try to do what's right,
and I'm sure you'll do just fine.

I wish you the best in everything
as I pray for your happiness, son
And I hope your dreams will all come true
as time keeps traveling on.

So hold your head high now
and take pride in who you are.
And as your dreams become your goals,
may success take you far.

I'd like to close by saying son -
Thank-You for the love you give.
Remember, we'll always be here for you,
and love you as long as we live!


I presented this in a frame to my little brother on his graduation day
from college.  He overcame multiple obstacles to accomplish this feat, and still
managed to work full time and spend time with his family.

To My Brother
By Jackie Whiteker

This, my dear brother, is your special day-
to celebrate knowledge as you graduate.

A time for reflecting on all that you've learned,
and pride as you receive the degree you have earned.

For now all the worries are finally through-
no lectures to attend, no reports that are due.

Yes the road to this place was difficult at times-
but through perseverance your accomplishments shine.

Now you've realized your dream and your goal has been reached.
What glorious satisfaction to accomplish this feat.

As I share in your moment with love in my heart-
for this fait accompli, my praise I impart.

So here's to your future as you soar to new heights.
May God bless you always in your adventure of life!


With Love, From Dad
By Jackie Whiteker

Be careful little one as you climb that tree
I wouldn't want you to fall
And look both ways when you cross the street
As you chase that bouncing ball

I'm gonna let go now as you try it on your own
For that's how you must learn to ride
I know you can do it, even alone,
There you go on your brand new bike!

You made the team, I'm so proud of you!
What a great soccer player you'll be
I'll be at every game to watch over you
And to cheer you on, you'll see

You're in the school play?  How wonderful!
You'll do a great job, I know
My little princess so beautiful
Your smiling face all aglow

The day you asked, "Can I borrow the keys?"
I suddenly realized,
My little girl is now a young lady
Grown up before my very eyes

It seems to me the years flew by
And soon you'll be leaving our home
Preparing to begin your new adult life
And making a home of your own

So then my thoughts begin to whirl
Have I taught you all you need to know?
Will you be o.k. out in this world?
Do you know that I love you so?

As sadness started creeping in
And tears swelled up in my eyes
I stopped to think, it's not the end
As you'll always be part of my life

So know that my love will be in your heart
No matter what you choose to do
And as your father, I want to impart
That I'm ever so proud of you


A Special Grandma
By Jackie Whiteker

Grandma hold me in your arms
I feel so safe with you
Rock me in your favorite chair
And tell me a story or two.

I always love to visit you
You play fun games with me
And when you laugh the way you do
My little heart's filled with glee

I love to call you on the phone
When with you I can't be
I know I'm never all alone
For I have you in my heart with me

So until next time I see you
Remember I love you so
You're really special grandma
I just wanted you to know


Together Forever
By Jackie Whiteker
(This goes well with the Gemini)

We, as two
Have become one
My love for you
Forever young

This gift you see
Like us, won't part
Together we'll be,
Forever, sweetheart


My Heart's Aglow!
By Jackie Whiteker
(Goes with the Hearts Aglow)

This Gift to you I do bestow
Because with you,
My Hearts all Aglow!


Always With You
By Jackie Whiteker
(This poem fits the Traveling Tealight set for when your loved ones are apart from you.
It would also go well with the Hearts Aglow)

The love I have for you
Knows no distance or limit
And whatever you do
I'll be with you in spirit

So anytime we are apart
Remember I love you so
Tuck my love within your heart
To be with you, wherever you go


A Symbol Of My Love
By Jackie Whiteker
(Give with the Solitaire)

A special gift for you sweetheart
A luminous crystal treasure
A brilliant symbol to impart
My love that's without measure


You Light Up My Life
By Jackie Whiteker
(Give with the Solitaire)

To you, a gift of candlelight
In a brilliant solitaire
May it illuminate your life
Like you light up mine dear


Beautiful Reflections
By Jackie Whiteker
(Give with the Solitaire)

Light a candle in this diamond
And it dances with prisms of light
Beautiful reflections all around
What a captivating sight


Ariana Poem
By Jackie Whiteker

Safe in Ariana's hand
Your baby tooth will be
And in the morning when you wake
A treasure you will see!


Wedding Favor
Submitted by Janis Turk

In our celebration
Of this special day
Your love and best wishes
Will brighten the way
With the glow from this candle
Or as a keepsake sachet
We thank you for sharing
In our Wedding Day


More Wedding Poems
by Jackie Whiteker

You two shall become one
As long as you both shall live
Partners for a lifetime
To share, to love, to give

In celebration of your vows
We give these penguins to you
For some, they say, unite for life
Just as you both have vowed to do


Flightless as a penguin
Your love for each other to stay
United for a lifetime
A vow you make today


Wedding Shower Favor
Submitted by Janis Turk

You have brought us
showers of love
and best wishes too.

Our special day
is coming fast and
there is much to do!

So with this glow
from this candle
or as a keepsake sachet,

Take me home
and enjoy me,
thanks for sharing this day.



Baby Shower Favor
Submitted by Janis Turk

I am your shower favor
In shades of pink and blue
I'm here to welcome baby
And I'm sweetly scented, too

I can freshen up your closet
And bring light into your life,
So take me home, enjoy me
I can glow all through the night!


 Baby Announcements
By Jackie Whiteker

Please join us as we celebrate
The birth of our baby girl
By lighting this little candle
And offering a prayer for her


Please join us as we celebrate
The birth of our baby boy
By lighting this little candle
And praying for our bundle of joy


A new baby girl
Our very first!
Please light this candle
In celebration of her birth!


A new baby boy
Our very first!
Please light this candle
In celebration of his birth!


A new baby girl
To light up our life!
In honor of her
Please enjoy this candlelight!


A new baby boy
To light up or life!
In honor of him
Please enjoy this candlelight!


Poem for old catalog
Submitted by Dawn

Out with the old
In with the new,
wouldn't you like
to see it too?

This is the old
and it's wonderful,
I do have the new
and it is so colorful !

So call today
Don't delay,
A gift for free
Just for a call to see !


by Denise Hull
Travel Lites, Rainbow Region
Little miss Ariana,
So pretty and polite,
Upon this newborn baby,
Please shine your fragrant, soft light.
On your base, I have placed,
Her name and birthdate,
In the hopes that, together,
Memories you'll create.
Like when at age 5,
And her first tooth does come out,
She can store the tooth in your little cup,
So the toothfairy need not look about.
Or if at age 13,
Should daddy give her a ring,
Your gentle outstretched hand,
Will provide safe haven for the precious thing.
And then at age 16,
When her own candles she desire,
The cup that held her little tooth,
Will now hold the candles' fires.
Or if at age 21,
Should she choose to wed,
She can find a special place for you,
On the table beside her bed.
And when she chooses to have,
A daughter of her own,
Your little light will brighten the nursery,
So the baby need not feel alone.
Then when the grandchildren arrive,
And one she just must hold,
Your light will continue to shine,
Forever, true and bold.
So in her later years,
When her gaze turns to you,
She'll smile and remember all the things,
She's done her whole life through.
By Denise Hull
This would be a great beginning to your show!
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I've got some wonderful things,
To show to you.
I'll tell you about my company,
And give you my name,
Then I'll let you know,
Why I got into this game.
I'll show you our candles,
In wonderful colors and scents,
That you won't be able to find in
Stores or clearance tents.
I'll show you the holders,
And other products, too,
And definately convince you
That a party's for you.
Then I'll tell you some facts,
That you may not know,
So without further ado,
Let's get on with the show.

"I'm Sorry" Candle
By Laurie
You know you're
my best friend.
We have a love
that will never end.

But sometimes on a tangent
one of us will go,
And afterwards it is important
to let our love show.

Then it's time to say, "I'm sorry"
and put aside the woe. . .
To light this special candle
and let our love glow!

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