Here’s a list of things you will want to start picking up and gathering to make your business run more efficiently. Remember places like Dollar Stores®, Family Dollar®, Factory Card Outlet®, Paper Factory®, Big Lots®, etc. for these items. Save $$$$! Don’t forget to shop the clearance items and stock up when you find GOOD deals!

Purchasing the following items before your first show will make your business easier, more professional, and less costly in the future.

You may find that you already have some of these items already at home.

1. 20 Black pens
2. Display cloth-2 yds. and/or Table Cloths (Hint: Black works really well as an accent under the displays and under other table decorations you may use!)
3. Assorted Bright Colored Paper for making copies of Hostess paperwork in Hostess Packets (Good rule of thumb: Always have 6 Hostess packets prepared at all times to take to your shows!!)
4. Regular $0.37 stamps and Postcard $0.23 stamps especially if you plan to mail out the invites for your Hostesses. (This is highly recommended so that you know the invites were, in fact, mailed.)
5. Lighter (grill lighter)
6. Calculator (small - medium size)
7. Calendar or Day Planner (month at a glance is best)
8. 20 Folders with two pockets on the inside, and 3 clips in the center if you plan on attaching your catalogs to the folder. Some people like to do this so guests don't walk away with our catalogs. But some people don't mind if the guests take them home with them; hopefully they'll place another order.
9. Highlighter pen(s)
10. 1 Roll of tickets (for games)
11. Self-inking stamp, or labels w/your name, address and phone number.
12. Name tags. (I find these very helpful especially when you have a good-sized crowd.
13. A folding table in case your hostess does not have an area set up for you to display your kit.
14. A small pair of scissor (to trim your wicks).

Monthly bookkeeping record for your taxes and business write-offs (OPTIONAL)

Remember you can personally throw in a hostess gift or incentive of your own choice to increase the amount of shows you have or the amount you sell at each show (this comes out of your profits though!) Don’t go overboard though and remember to watch for specials yourself from your leader.

*Purchasing a small file cabinet or crate, Manila file folders and Pendaflex
® hanging file folders for your show and consultant records is a good idea to keep your business organized and make things easier for you, but it is not necessary to purchase these items.

*Note: If you do not currently have a checking account, I strongly urge you to get one. This will make things much easier for you and your business. It will also keep you from having to constantly cash checks and purchase money orders.  Also, if you do not currently have an answering machine or voice mail, I strongly urge you getting one or the other as soon as possible. It will make all the difference in the world in keeping your business simple and professional.

If your voice is not currently on your answering machine or voice mail, I recommend that you change the message and record your voice so that hostesses, consultants and customers know they have reached the right number. They will feel much more comfortable leaving a business related message for you when hearing your  voice.