AWESOME Sponsoring Demo!  Thank you Nancy!

Nancy Haney, RL of the INFERNO Region has come up with a way to "Consultant Stack" a guest at your shows in order to show them everything new consultants can earn during their Brite Start period!

Here's what you need:

  • Play Money:  18-$100 bills, 9-$20 bills, 3-$10 bills and 3-$5 bills

  • Gift Certificates- (use color photocopies that are labeled VOID:  4-$100 gift certificates, and  3-$25 gift certificates)

  • Starter Kit displayed on your table

  • Platinum Star booking gift

  • Brite Start rewards-  Candle Shoppe, Hydrangea Lamp, and The Garden Lantern

  • A Money bag (I typically use the one from Express Yourself)

You start the presentation by asking for a volunteer from the guests or better yet, use the hostess.
Explain to her that you are now going to demonstrate how much she can earn as a new consultant with PL in her first 3 months of business.  Explain that PL has a program called Brite Start that allows new consultants to add favorite pieces to their starter kits right away w/o spending any of the cash they're making from their shows.

Congratulate the "pretend" new consultant and hand her the money bag, telling her that she's gonna need it very shortly.

Start by telling her all about the No-investment startup, explaining that with a $300 starter show, she gets everything displayed on your table (the starter kit) at NO COST, but better yet make it a $400 starter show and add an additional $100 in product to the kit right away..hand her a $100 g.c. and tell her that she's NOW an official PL consultant (I always clap and congratulate her at this point)

PL asks each new consultant to set themselves up for success by doing 6 shows in a 2 week time frame!  By using the company show average of $350 per show, that she would make 25% of each of those shows in profit, so her first month of pay would be $525,  (hand her the first batch of bills and have everyone count it aloud)...have her put it in her money bag.  Ask her what she'll spend her first $525 on???

6 shows at $350 each definitely gets you qualified with $1200 in sales & for doing so PL will send her a $25 g.c. to use any way she chooses (hand her a $25 g.c. to hold) And for holding those First 6 shows in her first 2 weeks of business PL will now Automatically send her the Platinum Star booking gift (which serves a double purpose, she now has a booking gift to display at her shows and she also has a sample of the Indulgence scents).  (You could hand her the Platinum Star at this point.)

Next explain that with 6 $350 shows she's definitely reached and surpassed $1800 in sales and that's what we in PL call BONUS, so PL will send her an extra 7% of her sales at the end of the month, then hand her the "bonus"  ($150)..again have her count it out for everyone, and put in her money bag.  Then ask her, do you think there could possibly be more?   Tell her about the Candle Shoppe that PL sends for reaching that level. 

You repeat this process for months 2 and 3 of Brite Start speaking of the appropriate pieces of product for each month (Hydrangea Lamp and Garden Lantern)  If possible carry the pieces of product with you to the show and place them at her feet as you talk about each one. 

After month 3 is done,  explain to her that by doing 6- $350 shows for her first 3 months that she is now a SUPERSTAR because she has now sold over $6,300 in candles and again PL will reward her for that.  For the first $4,000 PL will send her a $100 g.c. (hand it to her) and for each $1,000 over that PL will send an additional $100...since she has sold over $6,300 she gets $100 g.c for hitting the $5,000 mark and ANOTHER one for $6,000 mark (hand her the other 2 G.C.).

Lastly explain that in her first 3 months of business..with $6,300 in sales she has earned herself $2,016 in Profit and $1,037 in FREE product!

Thank the hostess or volunteer for letting you surround them with FREE PL stuff and give her a Votive as a gift.

Side Note:   Make yourself a cheat sheet with all the info on it for each month, and I highly recommend that you laminate the GC copies and the play money so you can use them over and over and over again.

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