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Ariana Poem 2003    
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Baby Shower Favor Close To My Heart
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BAYBERRY: My Heart's Aglow!
Bayberry 1 
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Wedding Favor "I'm Sorry" Candle
More Wedding Poems
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Darkness Stress Relief Recipe

Great Beginning for your show!

CATALOG: A Symbol Of My Love
Poem for old catalog Beautiful Reflections
Poem to send with new catalog You Light Up My Life
"Clicker" Solitude Candle Poem


Comfort Zone Tealight Pop Poem
To Dad, From Your Daughter Poem for PL Teddy Bear tealight holder
With Love, From Dad  
Wonderful Poem to give to Daughter from Dad WINTER SAMPLER:
   Winter Sampler 
Friendship Poems  


2 + 2 POEMS:

2+2 Poem
by Terri Vandagriff
This is especially good for new consultants who fear the phone

If you make your 2+2
to your business you'll be true

Before you dial
perfect your style

Make up a list
without it you can't exist

Now get in the zone
and pick up the phone

Don't shiver and shake
its' really a piece of cake

If they say no
don't feel low

If you get 1 out of 10
then you win!


Ariana Poem
By Jackie Whiteker

Safe in Ariana's hand
Your baby tooth will be
And in the morning when you wake
A treasure you will see!


Ariana Poem for Baby Gift
Written by Tami aka totallylovincandles

My name is Ariana
I'm a fairy as you see.

Place me in the baby's room
For all these things I will tell you soon.

When your precious baby arrives
I'll watch over your child as he/she cries.

Light this little candle to help with nursery smell
The light is perfect for feeding time, as you can tell.

As your child starts to grow
The teeth come out by one or so.

Place your child's tooth in my hand
I'll watch over it as I stand.

Light the candle so there is light
To guide the tooth fairy late at night.

When she arrives, she knows what to do
She'll put out the candle and leave a buck or two.

Now your child is maturing
The finer things he/she will be wearing.

I would love to protect
These items as a treasure chest.

Your child is all grown up it's time to pass me around
I'm a family heirloom that makes no sound.


Little Miss Ariana
by Denise Hull
Travel Lites, Rainbow Region

Little miss Ariana,
So pretty and polite,
Upon this newborn baby,
Please shine your fragrant, soft light.

On your base, I have placed,
Her name and birthdate,
In the hopes that, together,
Memories you'll create.

Like when at age 5,
And her first tooth does come out,
She can store the tooth in your little cup,
So the toothfairy need not look about.

Or if at age 13,
Should daddy give her a ring,
Your gentle outstretched hand,
Will provide safe haven for the precious thing.

And then at age 16,
When her own candles she desire,
The cup that held her little tooth,
Will now hold the candles' fires.

Or if at age 21,
Should she choose to wed,
She can find a special place for you,
On the table beside her bed.

And when she chooses to have,
A daughter of her own,
Your little light will brighten the nursery,
So the baby need not feel alone.

Then when the grandchildren arrive,
And one she just must hold,
Your light will continue to shine,
Forever, true and bold.

So in her later years,
When her gaze turns to you,
She'll smile and remember all the things,
She's done her whole life through.


For My First Grandchild
(To give along with Ariana)
By Jackie Whiteker

Here's some gifts my little one,
My very first grandchild to love.
Together we'll have so much fun.
For you, I thank God above.

To you, my very first gift,
Is my love that I will share.
Money could never buy it,
Love's priceless beyond compare.

The second gift I gift to you,
Is something to keep from me.
Something you will surely use,
As time marches on, you'll see.

When you're born, your name will go
On the bottom of Ariana in gold.
And as your baby teeth choose to go,
Place them in her hand to hold.

The date will be written on the bottom.
And in the morning, when you awaken,
A treasure you'll see in Ariana's garden
In exchange for your tooth the fairy's taken.

And as you grow and collect keepsakes,
You can place them in the glass cup
Where Ariana will keep them safe,
Until you choose to put them up.

One day you'll have a home of your own,
And with you Ariana will go,
She'll hold a candle to light up your home,
And remind you of the memories you treasure so.

And if you have a child someday,
Ariana will be a gift beyond compare.
A new name to add to the bottom that day
And something you two will always share.


New Ariana Poem
Written by Missy Marlin when Ariana was first introduced

Place the tooth a child has lost in Ariana's hand,
Light the flame to lead the way from Tooth Fairy Land.
When the flame has burned it's last and darkness fills the night,
In the cup a gift is left by the merry Sprite.


Ariana Poem 2003
Submitted by Patty (LilBitZiggy)


Little Miss Ariana,
So pretty and polite,
Upon this newborn baby,
Please shine your fragrant light.
On your base, I have placed,
Her birth date and her name,
In golden scripted letters,
Forever to remain.
You'll be placed in baby's room,
As a treasured family prize,
Please watch o'er the precious child,
And sooth her when she cries.
Please guide the family at feeding time,
with your restful light,
And send the sprite and fairies
To lullaby 'goodnight"
And when she loses her first tooth,
She'll place it in your hand,
The Tooth fairy's sure spot it there,
And leave riches, oh so grand.
And as she gets some trinkets,
She can place them in your holder ,
Where you will keep them safe from harm,
So she'll have them when she's older.
As a teen she'll feel grown up,
And her own candles she'll desire,
The cup that held her trinkets,
Will now hold the candle's fire.
And on the day she decides to wed,
You can still be by her side,
 watching over her engagement ring,
As she becomes a bride.
And if some day, she's aptly blessed
with a daughter full of grace,
They'll add her name and birthday
In gold upon your base.
And there your journey's far from done,
You'll be placed in baby's room,
Keeping watch o'er the blessed child
As a treasured family heirloom.



Baby Announcements
By Jackie Whiteker

Please join us as we celebrate
The birth of our baby girl
By lighting this little candle
And offering a prayer for her


Please join us as we celebrate
The birth of our baby boy
By lighting this little candle
And praying for our bundle of joy


A new baby girl
Our very first!
Please light this candle
In celebration of her birth!


A new baby boy
Our very first!
Please light this candle
In celebration of his birth!


A new baby girl
To light up our life!
In honor of her
Please enjoy this candlelight!


A new baby boy
To light up or life!
In honor of him
Please enjoy this candlelight!


Baby Shower Favor
Submitted by Janis Turk

I am your shower favor
In shades of pink and blue
I'm here to welcome baby
And I'm sweetly scented, too

I can freshen up your closet
And bring light into your life,
So take me home, enjoy me
I can glow all through the night!


Baby Shower Poems
By Nisha 

Thank you for bringing such great joy
To this special event for our girl or boy
It meant so much for you to take part
So enjoy this gift from our heart.


By candles2u4free@yahoo.com

Thank you for coming to share in my (our) joy.
I (we) can't wait to welcome our new girl or boy.
As I (we) venture into the world with my (our) baby
Please don't forget I'm still your candle lady

Because, as a wife (woman) turns into a mother
We sometimes forget that we're still something other
So I give you this candle so you'll always know
To give me a call when your candles run low!


By CandleLadyBFox@aol.com

I'm sorry I can't be with you,
But I'm very busy you see,
Painting my eyes, my cheeks, my hair,
So mother will be proud of me. 

I'm sending this little message,
To convey to you this thought,
The Stork will soon have left me,
To use the gifts you brought.

 Be sure to come and see me,
As soon as I get here,
Just give mother time,
To dress me ever so dear.

 And so I Thank You from my heart,
For each lovely gift for me,
For when the Stork leaves me with mother,
I'll not be dressed you see.
Little Baby _____


Bayberry Poem
Submitted by Dawn Adams

This Bayberry Candle comes from a friend,
So on Christmas Eve burn it down to the end,
Because a Bayberry Candle burned to the socket,
Brings health to your life and money to your pocket !


Bayberry Poem #2
Submitted by Dawn Adams

Here's a Bayberry Candle that's meant just for you,
With Holiday Tradition that's tried and true.
When you light this candle on Christmas Eve Day,
Love and Luck come to you when it's burned all the way !


More Bayberry Poems
By Jackie Whiteker

As this Bayberry scent
Is released through the wax
Good luck will be sent
So enjoy and relax!

Good luck comes to those
Who burn Bayberry each day
So as the wax glows
Look for good things to come your way!


Burning this Bayberry candle
Will bring good luck to you
And GOOD luck I know you can handle
So light it and watch dreams come true!

Bayberry and good luck go together you see
It's a legend passed down through time
So here's a gift to enjoy from me
A Bayberry scented candle so sublime!


Wedding Favor
Submitted by Janis Turk

In our celebration
Of this special day
Your love and best wishes
Will brighten the way
With the glow from this candle
Or as a keepsake sachet
We thank you for sharing
In our Wedding Day


More Wedding Poems
by Jackie Whiteker

You two shall become one
As long as you both shall live
Partners for a lifetime
To share, to love, to give

In celebration of your vows
We give these penguins to you
For some, they say, unite for life
Just as you both have vowed to do


Flightless as a penguin
Your love for each other to stay
United for a lifetime
A vow you make today


Wedding Shower Favor
Submitted by Janis Turk

You have brought us
showers of love
and best wishes too.

Our special day
is coming fast and
there is much to do!

So with this glow
from this candle
or as a keepsake sachet,

Take me home
and enjoy me,
thanks for sharing this day.


by Cassandra Clipperton (aka cats-play)
Cassandra will use this to share with guests at shows and also
hostesses, because after all, aren't PL shows an opportunity to make new friends?

If you should feel  the world grow dark
Light a candle with just one spark
Be comforted by a tiny flame 
And remember when here you came
Know that you are surrounded by friends 
Through a candles light it never ends 

Just call us all up when you’re feeling low 
We’ll get together and put on a show
We can each bring a candle 
Each one light a small flame 
And together can brighten your world again!


By Denise Hull
This would be a great beginning to your show!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I've got some wonderful things,
To show to you.

I'll tell you about my company,
And give you my name,
Then I'll let you know,
Why I got into this game.

I'll show you our candles,
In wonderful colors and scents,
That you won't be able to find in
Stores or clearance tents.

I'll show you the holders,
And other products, too,
And definately convince you
That a party's for you.

Then I'll tell you some facts,
That you may not know,
So without further ado,
Let's get on with the show.


Poem for old catalog
Submitted by Dawn

Out with the old
In with the new,
wouldn't you like
to see it too?

This is the old
and it's wonderful,
I do have the new
and it is so colorful !

So call today
Don't delay,
A gift for free
Just for a call to see !


Poem to send with new catalog
Submitted by Gena McCown aka GMCandles3 (on BoB)

Out with the Old, In With the New.
I have a special gift just for you!

With this coupon you will see,
Brand new products from PL and me!

Many more pages for your looking,
call me today to make a booking.

Just for starting the new year right,
a booking gets you more than one tealight!

A dozen of your favorite scent
will be to you my special present.

Call me today and & the fun begins,
don't forget to invite all of your friends.


"Clicker" Poem
by Dawn Adams

From this party you will earn
Many candles for you to burn
So here's a gift to light those wicks
All it takes is a simple click !


The Comfort Zone
Unknown Author
Submitted by Steve Tucky

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I used to have a comfort zone where I knew I couldn't fail,
The same four walls of busy work were really more like a jail.

I longed so much to do the things I'd never done before.
But I stayed inside my Comfort Zone and paced the same old floor.

I said it didn't matter that I wasn't doing much,
I said I didn't care for things like diamonds furs and such.

I claimed to be so busy with the things inside my zone,
But deep inside I longed for something special of my own.

I couldn't let my life go by just watching others win,
I held my breath and stepped outside to let the change begin

I took a step and with new strength I'd never felt before,
I kissed my comfort Zone "good bye" and closed and locked the door.

If you are in a comfort zone afraid to venture out,
Remember that all winners were at one time filled with doubt.

A step or two and words of praise can make your dreams come true.
Greet your future with a smile, Success is there for you!!!


To Dad, From Your Daughter
By Jackie Whiteker

As each year passes by dad
I begin to realize,
How much I've always leaned on you
For wisdom and advice.

I remember all the endless times
You taught me right from wrong.
Because of you I have faith in myself
And a confidence true and strong.

I have many special memories
Of things you have said or done,
And I catch myself smiling dad,
As I remember them, one by one.

And even though I'm all grown up
I can still depend on you,
For words of wisdom and guidance
In everything that I do.

So dad this year I give to you
A gift you'll always have.
The love and admiration
From a daughter, to her dad


With Love, From Dad
By Jackie Whiteker

Be careful little one as you climb that tree
I wouldn't want you to fall
And look both ways when you cross the street
As you chase that bouncing ball

I'm gonna let go now as you try it on your own
For that's how you must learn to ride
I know you can do it, even alone,
There you go on your brand new bike!

You made the team, I'm so proud of you!
What a great soccer player you'll be
I'll be at every game to watch over you
And to cheer you on, you'll see

You're in the school play?  How wonderful!
You'll do a great job, I know
My little princess so beautiful
Your smiling face all aglow

The day you asked, "Can I borrow the keys?"
I suddenly realized,
My little girl is now a young lady
Grown up before my very eyes

It seems to me the years flew by
And soon you'll be leaving our home
Preparing to begin your new adult life
And making a home of your own

So then my thoughts begin to whirl
Have I taught you all you need to know?
Will you be o.k. out in this world?
Do you know that I love you so?

As sadness started creeping in
And tears swelled up in my eyes
I stopped to think, it's not the end
As you'll always be part of my life

So know that my love will be in your heart
No matter what you choose to do
And as your father, I want to impart
That I'm ever so proud of you


Wonderful Poem to give to Daughter from Dad
Written by JasaVa
Submitted by Steve Tucky

For when you were a baby
I held you so tight
I was the only man
who kept you in my sight

For when you were a teen
I cheered you and stood tough
for you had new loves
and I knew it would be rough

For now you are a lady
I don't always see you around
I just wanted to let you know
That I am so very proud


Friendship Poems
By Jackie Whiteker

The Candle
A symbol of friendship

Wax to melt away your cares
A Wick to light up your day
Color to reflect on all we share
Fragrance of memories along the way


A "scent"imental gift
For a special friend

Friends come and go
In and out of our lives
But best friends you know
Never leave our side.
Thank you for being my friend

Here's a gift
From me to you
To tell you thank-you
For all you do!

A gift for a friend
Who is true to the end!

Here's a gift to light up your day!
A fragrant candle from me.
The color and scent are here to stay
Until the last flicker you see.

Candles glowing in the night
Reflections about the room
Relax and enjoy this beautiful sight
As a gift from me to you


Gemini Poem
Shared by Laurie

Round as a ring
without end anywhere,
A bright, perfect circle
for two hearts to share.
Bright as a ring,
when it's shining and new,
Like the loveliest dreams
that a heart ever knew.
And, like a ring, precious,
made of silver or gold
May this be the love
that your hearts "have & hold"


Together Forever
By Jackie Whiteker
(This goes well with the Gemini)

We, as two
Have become one
My love for you
Forever young

This gift you see
Like us, won't part
Together we'll be,
Forever, sweetheart


A Special Grandma
By Jackie Whiteker

Grandma hold me in your arms
I feel so safe with you
Rock me in your favorite chair
And tell me a story or two.

I always love to visit you
You play fun games with me
And when you laugh the way you do
My little heart's filled with glee

I love to call you on the phone
When with you I can't be
I know I'm never all alone
For I have you in my heart with me

So until next time I see you
Remember I love you so
You're really special grandma
I just wanted you to know


Grieving Poem
Shared by Laurie

Remember me whenever you see a sunrise,
Remember me whenever you see a star,
Remember me whenever you see a rainbow
Or woods in autumn colors from afar.

Remember me whenever you see the roses
Or seagulls sailing high in a sky of blue.
Remember me whenever you see waves
Shining in the sun.
And remember, I'll be remembering you!

Remember me every time you light a candle
Never let the memories extinguish
Remember me when the flame brightens a room
And remember, I'll be remembering you!


Always With You
By Jackie Whiteker
(This poem fits the Traveling Tealight set for when your loved ones are apart from you.
It would also go well with the Hearts Aglow)

The love I have for you
Knows no distance or limit
And whatever you do
I'll be with you in spirit

So anytime we are apart
Remember I love you so
Tuck my love within your heart
To be with you, wherever you go


Close To My Heart
by Angela K. Dyson

While the rest of this world may be so hateful,
for one thing on earth am I ever grateful
Though this place is dark and the future bland,
this brilliant flame I hold in my hand

I treasure this light and its rarity I value,
for its warmth has proven to be through and through
Close to my heart I hold this bright heat
Without it, I would be cold and incomplete

This flickering light of which I speak,
which gives me strength when I am weak,
gives my life meaning, its only goal
for this flame is the fire of your soul

When all I want is for my world to end,
I know you'll ignite me again, my friend

Wouldn't this be a great poem to attach
to a candle you give to a friend or someone you love?


These go well with the Heart 2 Heart
(2000 holiday catalog)
Written by Jackie Whiteker

You opened your heart
Pledged your love to him
And now you're engaged
Forever best friends

To celebrate this love
That has lit up your life
Here's a heart shaped glass
Complete with candlelight!


And the second one...

A small glass heart
For glowing light
A large glass heart
To store tealights!


My Heart's Aglow!
By Jackie Whiteker
(Goes with the Hearts Aglow)

This Gift to you I do bestow
Because with you,
My Hearts all Aglow!


HS Jar Poems
Click here to print poem cards

A blend of vanilla and Lemon Souffle
To give your home a fresh scent
The color and fragrance to the end will stay
It's a gift with real scentimentTM!

Coconut Cream in a pretty glass jar
And an ivory color so cool!
The scent will take your mind afar
To the ocean, the beach or the pool!

A hint of walnut and a blend of spices
Makes this Carrot Cake candle so rich!
And the glowing candlelight is just the nicest
An experience you won't want to miss

Make your home a place of yearning
Just light this Apple Strudel candle
It's one dessert you won't mind burning
And the recipe's easy to handle!

Plums and raisins and figs and clove
Cinnamon, brown sugar and Nutmeg
Blended together for a scent you will love
For this Plum pudding they will beg

A Chocolate candle - what a yummy treat
That's totally calorie free
Now that's a deal that can't be beat
Just light it and don't drool please!


"I'm Sorry" Candle
By Laurie

You know you're my best friend.
We have a love that will never end.

But sometimes on a tangent one of us will go,
And afterwards it is important to let our love show.

Then it's time to say, "I'm sorry" and put aside the woe. . .
To light this special candle and let our love glow!


Poems for your Tealight Pack giveaways
By Jackie Whiteker

A special gift
From me to you
A PL Candle
And matches too!

Please light the wick
You'll enjoy it a lot!
I'll call in a few days
To see what you thought!  


Do you love candles?
I know that you do!
So here is a gift
From me to you.

Please light and enjoy
And I'll call in a few days
To see if you'd like more
For FREE right away!


More Poems for your Tealight Pack giveaways
Submitted by Shan

Some content from Susan M

A special gift

Please burn me tonight
and enjoy the soft light.

I'm fragranced clear through;
relax; let my aroma soothe you.

I'll leave no waxy mess to clean up
in any container or favorite votive cup.

Please call Shan when you're done;
So she can tell you about all the fun

Of getting lots more of me free
With your own Candle Shopping Spree!


Here's a gift to light up your day!
A fragrant candle from me.
The color and scent are here to stay
Until the last flicker, you'll see.

So take this small sample home tonight,
And soon, I will give you a call.
Relax and enjoy this beautiful sight,
Then I know you'll want them  ALL!

Relax With Wax
Posted on BoB Message Board 12/14/01
Posted by acandleaddict   (Judy)

Draw one bath.
Lock door.
Light one candle.
Add some bath salts.
Eat one chocolate.


Think this came from Steve:
Posted by Terry

After a day that's full of stress
Tune out the noise, forget the mess
Turn off the phone, shut down the fax
Now enter your bath and relax with wax


Posted by GMCandles3 

Your back is sore,
and so are your feet.

Your head hurts
and you are beat.

Go draw a bath
and shut the door.

Eat one chocolate
(ok you can eat 1 more).

Turn on some music
and light your candle.

And relax with wax
For as long as you can handle!


Stress Relief Recipe
My leader gave me this one - Posted by xrae

1 hot bath
1 PL tealight
1 bath bead
1 favorite drink
1 partner (optional)
Mix until tender


A Symbol Of My Love
By Jackie Whiteker
(Give with the Solitaire)

A special gift for you sweetheart
A luminous crystal treasure
A brilliant symbol to impart
My love that's without measure


Beautiful Reflections
By Jackie Whiteker
(Give with the Solitaire)

Light a candle in this diamond
And it dances with prisms of light
Beautiful reflections all around
What a captivating sight


You Light Up My Life
By Jackie Whiteker
(Give with the Solitaire)

To you, a gift of candlelight
In a brilliant solitaire
May it illuminate your life
Like you light up mine dear

This poem was submitted by Lauren
She prints these on index cards and attaches them to the
Solitude Votives she gives as a door prize

blue flower

This gift of Solitude is just for you
Simple beauty in cornflower blue
Light and powdery to nurture reflection
Clean fantasy floral for introspection.



Tealight Pop Poem
Written by Wendy

Here's a gift to you from me,
No strings attached, it's really free.

Go ahead, light it and let it burn,
If you like what I do it's easy to learn,

And if you just like the candles, let me know,
As you can get them for free by hosting a show!


Poem for PL Teddy Bear
Submitted by Candle Lady 22 from BoB Message Board

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
Close your eyes
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
Say good night
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
don't go to sleep...
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear,
'till you blow out the light!


Use these to attach to the Winter Sampler candles so you can break up the set and have 4 gifts in one!

These poems were written by 
Jackie Whiteker and Steve Tucky

Sugar Plum scent with a Damson hue
Embossed glass holder for a beautiful view
Now once this wax has burned from sight,
Replace it with a votive from PL!

The aroma of Spiced Cookies, a yummy scent
The color of Red Ribbon for a holiday tint
When this lucious candle has baked away
Use a PL votive to light another day!

Fragrant Mistletoe to kiss the air
Winter green color to add some flair
An embossed glass holder to fill once again
With PL votives that burn 8 to 10!

Golden in color and scent of Winter Spice
Embossed glass holder to enhance candlelight!
When the last bit of wax has drifted out of sight
Replace with our votives and relax with PL!

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