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How Do I Print Show Reminders From a Reminder Card Template?

  1. Click on the W icon for the Word doc you want to save.

  2. Choose SAVE (save it to your desktop or to your documents - just some place you will remember it's location on your computer).

  3. Once it is saved, open the file from your computer file (you must have MS Word to open and edit the file)

  4. First try printing the raw template to see how it works with your printer.  If something is out of line, edit the template accordingly.

  5. Once you have the template printing properly for you, you can add your info and begin printing. 

  6. PLEASE NOTE:  If you open this file on tealited without saving it first, it will ask you for a login and password.  Just click cancel and proceed to open then save to your hard drive.

  7. TIP:  Try first printing on a blank piece of card stock cut to the size of your reminder cards.  This will save on having to toss cards that didn't print correctly as you were setting everything up.  :)

Some printers will allow you to print these cards by stacking in your printer tray.  Some will not and for those, you need to feed each one individually into the printer.

If you would like to use your template with a mail merge database, please click here for those instructions tutorial 
There are also more mail merge tools listed on the
Organizational Tools page dated 4-5-05.

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