For being such a great customer in the past. . .
you are invited to my 1st annual
Customer Appreciation Night
where I will give away tons of
free PL products!!


You'll have two ways to earn free candles and accessories!
**All over stock, and other items will be raffled off using
BLUE tickets. You choose which items you like!

5 tickets for coming
10 tickets for each guest you bring
The more people who come, the more that is given away! Bring your friends, sisters, moms, aunts, co-workers. . .everyone is welcome!
20 tickets booking a show the night of the party
(plus $25 extra in credit the night of your show!)
25 tickets for scheduling a show before the party
50 tickets for booking a show in August!

**The second way to win is buying placing an order! All buying guests will receive
RED tickets, and will be eligible for the grand prize drawings--all of the Free Products and Half-priced items accumulated at the show!

~See our new Fall/Winter catalog
~Order from our Spring or Summer catalogs
~Stock up on candles (Over 50 scents!)
~Learn how you can earn $25-30+ hour doing what I do!
10 red tickets when you schedule your own starter show!
~A night out with friends, food, drinks and fun! I love to entertain!

**Please RSVP by _________ (whether you are coming or not) so I can plan all the food and prizes. Thank you for all your support in my first year and a half with PL--I owe everything to my customers!!

I hope to see you there!

There will be additional drawings for those who can't make it, but place an order!