SRVP SUPER SUCCESS STORY - Endless Inspiration Region

Written by Jim Watkins

Started PL August, 1998
Prior full time j.o.b.
Top earnings $42,000/year

First Year in PL - “Life Changing Event”
Total earnings $48,000

Second Year in PL
Total earnings $65,000

California Statistics -
Population = 40,000,000 (20,000,000 women btw. Ages 18-64)
PL Consultants = 4,000
*** If only half of the women booked a PL show there would be 2,500 shows per year per Consultant, i.e. Each Consultant would have to do 208 shows per month! ---There is truly enough business and not enough Consultants to cover the market in California.
There are 15 “Regional Vice Presidents” in California
PL’s goal is to have over 500 RVP’s due to the population growth!

“We are truly beginning on the ground floor of a company that will grow to fantastic proportions!”

Things to do now!

Circulate the “Retired Product List” to all past Hostesses, Customers & any other interested individual.

Have a “White Sale” of all discontinued product you currently have - Cash & Carry.

Get on the telephones. Beginning with, “I have to give away $1,000 of our PL products this month, and I thought of you. Would you like to have a free shopping spree?”

Reward your hostesses for everything they do to add to the growth of their party

Have fun at it, so people will want to do what you do.