Motivational Words of Wisdom
Submitted by James Watkins

The ones who deal in sunshine are the ones who win the crowds.  
They do a lot more business than the ones who peddle clouds.


Most of the work in the world is not done by geniuses.  
It is done by ordinary people who have learned 
to apply their talents and abilities to accomplish their dreams.


Work is the YEAST that raises your DOUGH!


Talent is wanting something so much that you are willing to work for it.


If you expect less than you should, you will get less than you expect.  
By the same token, if you expect more than you ask, you will get more than you expect!


No age or time of life, No position or circumstance has a monopoly on success.  
Any age is the right age to start doing what it takes.


Remember that "TRIUMPH" is just a little "umph" added to "Try"


There are a lot of rules for success, but none of them work unless you Do!


Be what you wish to be.  Start this very minute.  
Mark your goal with courage and stick until you win it!


The average runner sprints until the breath in them is gone.  
But the champion has a goal in mind, that makes them carry on.  
For rest, the average runner begs when limp their muscles grow.  
But the champion runs on leaden legs, their spirit makes them go.  
The average man's complacent when he's done his best to score.  
The champion does their best, and then they do a little more!