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My little candle guy is super at evaluating all new product, scents and Mommy's displays!
He is my greatest source of energy and enthusiasm!

Lindsey and Kelsey..
Lindsey (2) loves to "mell" the candles and share them with Sissy.  Whenever a box full of candles comes in, Lindsey is anxiously waiting to "mell" them all!


This is my favorite show guest, Ty. Each month, when I re-do my display, he sits for hours all by himself through my entire demonstration. He smells each votive that I "pass around", and even laughs at my jokes..... But best of all, he loves that his mommy is a candle lady!


Nathan This is my son Nathan (just need Steve to remind him he doesn't have to dress like a woman to sell PL) Nathan is such a good sport when it comes to dress up at Nana's house! Poor boy, he's got three women who are home way too much during the day!!

He loves the glow of the lights. There is almost always a Lemongrass Tealight burning in his room (up real high so he can't get to it) and when he's cranky his Lavender  Column is lit!


Sarah and Hannah Double Darlings

Sarah is on the left, and
Hannah is on the right. 
Too bad they weren't playing with PL products!  :)


Alyssa Here's a pic of my daughter Alyssa, she may only be one year old, but she's got SRVP written all over her!!!
Bailey Meet my son, Bailey.  He decided to be a piece of product in one of my shipment boxes.   This picture was taken about 6 months ago.  He is going to be my little helper when he is old enough.  


Angie's daughter

Here is a pic of my daughter.  I absolutely loved it.  It was when I got back from conference last year.  She is my big helper...always says "Help you mommy."  She is the reason I do PL and would love for her to someday be a candle lady.




My daughter Gabrielle.  
She loves lights, and is just mesmerized by the flickering of the flame.  
She goes to all my shows and just loves all the people!  
She will make a wonderful addition to the PL family.  



My granddaughter, Paige. She loves everyone and will make a wonderful leader. 
She loves to watch the candle light and the light in her own eyes.




This is Tyler. He loves candles! 
I have a candy dish filled with votives and tealights, and every day he takes the lid off, smells every candle, puts them back and puts the lid back on. 
He also knows that candles are HOT!!!



Samantha and Gabrielle

Meet Samantha (left) and Gabrielle (right).  They love PL candles!  
When Samantha comes to my house she just loves to play with the tealights and smell each one!
They each are so proud of their Ariana's that their papa gave them for Christmas!
These are my special girls!



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