It's no secret that Tiger Woods always plays to win. Every time he tees up that little white ball, on every shot.  That leaves the rest of his competitors having to play for the next place,
or to just place somewhere in the top 10, top 25, top 50, or even just making the cut.
Do you believe you get what you aim for?
If you adjust your aim, and aim a little higher, do you think you will achieve better results?
If it works for Tiger I think you can make it work for you!
Let's examine the name: "T.I.G.E.R."
Here are some ideas based on how I believe Tiger Woods wins golf tournaments.
T => Time.
He takes time to plan and prepare for every golf shot.  Adjusting for the wind is important. He's looking at treetops, cloud formations and movements, and tossing grass in the air to get a feel for the wind's
direction and speed. 
He's totally focused.
In PartyLite, you should plan and prepare for every sales opportunity.  Put your "Goals & Objectives" in writing.  Before you make any Customer Service Contacts, take a moment to visualize a
successful service call.
I => Inventive.
Tiger is inventive.
He's never boring. He takes calculated risks, especially when the payoff is big.
He also practices the difficult shots that he takes during a tournament.
His current statistics  include:
#1 in scoring average,
#2 in driving distance,
#1 greens in regulation,
#3 birdies, and
#3 sand saves.
He's the "Complete Golf Package".
I repeat, "He's totally focused"!
How inventive and creative are you in your demonstrations?
Are you working to convert your shortcomings into strengths?
Are you able to cite at least (6) six things you're doing differently during the last 60 days?
Do you take risks on a daily basis?
Do you practice your demonstrations while driving in your car or do you practice them in your hostesses home?
How often do you ask the question "How can I do it better"?
Are you the complete "Selling and Sponsoring Package?"
G => Goals.
He has them and shares them. One of his goals is to win every tournament he plays in.
I can't imagine anyone else in professional golf having that goal.  There are players and spectators. I can't help feeling that some of the players on the PGA Tour become spectators when Tiger's in the tournament.
I repeat, "He's totally focused".
To increase your profits, set very specific sales and sponsoring goals for yourself.
Always, always, always aim higher than the sales & sponsoring averages you are given by PartyLite.
Remember you get what you aim for. If you set your sights on the ground, you will likely hit your target almost every time.  It takes a little practice and skill to raise your target and continue hitting it.  
So why in the world don't you aim higher?
E=> Energy and enthusiasm.
Tiger is in great physical shape.
He was the last one to leave the driving range the night before the final round on Saturday night.
All the rest of the players walked slowly from the 16th green to the 17th tee.
After 16 holes on that extremely hilly and oftentimes wet Black Course, many golfers slumbered up to the 17th tee.
Not Tiger Woods though. He marched up to the tee box, with an: "I can't wait to hit the ball" look in his eyes.
I repeat, "He's totally focused".
In PartyLite, many of the people you call on lack your enthusiasm and they often suffer from a lower energy level.  They will always respond more positively to enthusiastic and high-energy
"Personal Candle Consultants".
If you get excited about your products, so will your customers!
R => Results.
Tiger gets results. Enough said.  You can not imagine all of the distractions the Professional Golfers have to deal with.  At one point, watching the event on my television, even I could hear the
mounted police and their horses hitting the pavement 20 yards behind the 17th tee!  When the announcers were quiet, I could hear the beeping horn of a delivery truck backing up nearby on a service road, crying babies, laughing adults all being drenched from a downpour. None of this seemed to distract Tiger.  
I repeat, "He's totally focused".
Tiger gets results because he can focus on the task at hand.  He is a master of eliminating most all distractions - I mean at times, all distractions.
In your PartyLite business practices, how much more effective would you be if you spent more time focusing on your customers and less time dueling with your distractions?
What you need to discover now is how to do less multitasking and more hostess/customer focus.
To achieve better quality parties with a higher attendance which converts to more sales 
--- James Watkins