Gift Registry

Give the gift of CANDLES, because everything is better by Candlelight

      Having a gift registry with me is a cinch!!!        

The Bride-To-Be makes a Wish List from the Candle Catalogs with their Favorite Scents and Accessories, then sends it to me along with a list of those invited to the Bridal Shower/Wedding. 

I will then send flyers to those listed and the guest will call me with their order for the Bride/Wedding Couple.

The Gifts have a few convenient ways of delivery:


1.        All gifts can be shipped directly to Bride/Wedding Couple.

2.        Each gift can be shipped to the purchaser for wrapping and delivery.

3.        All gifts can be sent to me, your Independent Design/Candle Consultant and I will wrap and delivery to designated location free of charge.


The Bride/Wedding Couple will receive “Hostess Credit” of at least 15% (up to 30%) from the total of ALL  gifts ordered that she/they may use it to purchase items from their wish list absolutely FREE!!!