Gift Registry

Give the gift of CANDLES, Because  everything is better by Candlelight!

_____________&_____________ are  getting Married!! 

Rather than registering in a typical department store ______________ have chosen to be creative and original. They have registered with me, _______________, Independent Design/Candle Consultant.

We offer the finest quality candles along with candle related products of unsurpassed quality. To make this event easy for everyone, the items _________&_________ have selected can be found on the following pages.

Enjoy browsing through their choices and when you have made a selection, please fill out the slip below. You can, then, enclose your slip, along with payment (check or credit card) in the envelope provided.  I will put the order in once I have received ALL guest order slips.

Shipping Options:

1. gifts can be shipped directly to couple.

2. can be shipped to purchaser for wrapping and personal delivery.

3. gifts can be sent to me and I will wrap and ship the to the designated location.

How Exciting!! They will not know what they are receiving and your shopping will have all been done from your couch!!

All of the items listed on the following pages do not include candles. If you would like to purchase candles, please use the enclosed chart, or contact me. I can help you choose the best candles for the item you have chosen.

_________________________Tear off and Mail___________________________

Please Print

Name_________________________________                     Ph#________________ ______


Item #ís_____________________________________________________________________


Payment: (Check,MO,CC)  Total:_____________ CC#____________________ Exp._______

Signature CC:_________________________________         *Tax is included in product

*write on back for more room