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2+2 Rap
Make up your own Invitations!
Cash and Carry
Don't forget the coffee!
Gift Baskets
Tealight Wrappers
Polycon Labels for scent sampler

Scent Sampler Idea

Tealight Wrapper for Easter
Tealight Corsages
Magnetic gift idea!

Tealight Bouquet
Instructions added 5-14-01


2+2 RAP
From Heather

Heather, LIV4HIM on BoB, came up with this great idea for a unit meeting.  She calls it the 2+2 Rap!  She & a Team member performed this at their unit meeting in October.  Her comments about how it went were: "we couldn't quit laughing so I don't know how much they understood...But we had a blast and I don't think they are gonna forget this one!!!"  I would love to have seen it Heather!  Thanks for the great idea!  Below is my (Jackie) version of a 2+2 Rap, should you decide to entertain your unit!

(sound effects) bomp bompa bomp bompa bomp bomp bomp

The other day I was thinkin while cooking,
What can I do to get some bookings?

Well duh, you dummy try something new
(slap yourself on the forehead when you say the first line)
Get on the phone and try the 2+2!

So that's what I did and beyond belief,
I got 10 more bookings - what a relief!

So if you've been thinkin' that it just won't work
Give it a try and your bookings will perk!

But what if they say no, you ask of me?
Tell them what your last hostess got for free!

And if they still say no after you tell em that,
Why not mention contests, like the December cash!

Mention the incentives that our company offers,
And if that's not enough, throw in your own whopper!

If their final answer is no, oh well,
Just dial another, cause the next could be a sell!

Just remember that a no won't kill ya,
It's all in your attitude, so call now will ya?

Make up our own Invitations or Reminder Cards!
This idea comes from Steve Tucky
Why not put 4 Hostess Specials to a page and use them as Invitations!

I have an example I made up for you to see how you might do this, using the December 2000 Specials for the sample.
These use the "landscape" printer setting. You can make up your own, using whatever month you choose!
HTML format
PDF format

Cash and Carry

Do you have a lot of product you need to move out so you can make room for all your new goodies you hope to get from the
2001 book? If so, why not try this? Make up a list of all you have, along with pics, and then mail them out to past hostesses and a few guests. Also circulate the list at your shows.  Tell them this is a "first-come, first-serve" event!

Don't Forget The Coffee!
Submitted by Steve Tucky

Put some coffee Beans in a container and keep them in your scent sampler.  Customers can smell these to refresh their sense of smell so all the scents don't start smelling the same.  It really works!

Gift Baskets

Need to get rid of product? Now is the time!  Gift baskets are very popular. I'm making up a few with products that are on the elimination list, or just over-stock I have. I'll take a few to each party and sell them as gifts for Christmas!
Here are some pics of the ones I just finished: (you'll have to click on the link to see it)

Blue Gift Box
This was a giftbox I found at Hobby Lobby.  It has snowmen on the front and is a pretty glossy blue.  I filled it with blue shredded metallic, and placed inside:
Balsam Candle Holder and 6 asst. votives, and of course, my biz card.

Friendship Ornament
Friendship Ornament. O.k. it's not a "basket", but I thought it fit here anyway.  I found the clear plastic ornament container
at HL. Filled inside with shredded metallics and 4 tealights.  Attached a silk Poinsettia and satin ribbon with card.

Green Basket
It's hard to tell from this picture, but this one turned out really cute. I put bubble wrap in the bottom of the basket, then put some shredded metallics on top of that.  I put the Chantilly Pair inside, six votives and a roll of "Litesavers".
Also added some ribbon and a few Poinsettias inside for that festive look.

Red Basket
Again, bubble wrap in the bottom, and shredded metallics on top.  Basket contains 1 of the Counterpoint pair and 6 votives.
A Poinsettia for accent. Satin ribbon tied to the handle.

Snowman box
This is part of a snowman box that I got in a Bath & Body Gift Set last year. I filled it with blue metallic shreds and then 3 Solitaire Votives on top. Biz card inside.

These were fast to make up and fun too.  If they don't sell, I have gifts all ready to give to someone!

By Marcianna

Cute wrappers to put on the outside of your Tealight rolls These files are in .pdf format

Hostess Smartie Wrapper
Booking Guest Wrapper
ACS Smartie Wrapper

Polycon Labels for scent sampler 2001  Set printer to "portrait"

.doc format
.pdf format
html format

Scent Sampler Idea!
Submitted by Dawn

Dawn purchased this at Wal-Mart in the craft section - where the bead supplies are.  They are called "Novelty boxes" and sell for $1.99 each.  The compartments are separated and you can put a tealight in the middle too.  The lid is hinged and makes a very nice presentation of the scents and colors!
Use these for samplers at your shows, or you could also make up samplers to sell at your shows as cash-n-carry for those who want to try them all out before they buy a dozen!  Dawn has taken the tealights out of the holder and placed them in the box, so when using as a sampler, the scent will be easier to smell.  Great idea Dawn!

Tealight Wrapper for Easter!
Submitted by Laurie Ayers

Here is a really sweet idea for Easter.  Laurie created a wrapper using Marcianna's original idea and changed it to go with Easter.  Check it out!  File is in .PDF format

Tealight Corsages
Submitted by Janis Turk

These are so adorable!  Great for hostess gifts, door prizes, Mother's Day, Birthdays, you name it!

Instructions for making Tealight Corsages:

Yellow Corsage:

Supplies needed:  
1 - 6" Doily
1 - Tealight to match your ribbon and roses
Roses or any flower you want on them
Pearls (by the yard - .27) Janis used 6" for this one
1/8" Ribbon (.44 a roll at Wal-Mart)

Take doily and place a tealight on it to decide where to weave the ribbon through.  Go in and out of the doily holes with ribbon.
Tie it around the tealight as tight as you can get it, pulling extra through and tying in a bow.
Twist the roses on or hot glue.
Run beads through two of the doily holes.
Janis used a little hot glue in the middle to keep the tealight from falling out.  
Estimated cost to make:  Less than $1.25 each.

Red Corsage:

Supplies needed:
18" of lace trim (no more than 2" wide)
1 - Tealight to match the flower and ribbon colors
1/8" Ribbon
Roses or other small flowers

Gather lace trim to fit tightly around tealight.
Hot glue lace to top sides of tealight cup (needs to be around top of tealight to make it look like a corsage)
Hot glue a bow at bottom made from the 1/8" ribbon
Hot glue pearls near bow
Hot glue flowers to the side.

Thanks so much Janis!  These are so pretty!
Note from Janis:  Wouldn't we be the talk at conference if all of us who made these wore them in St.Louis this year!

Magnetic Gift idea from Linda

If you liked the keychains you'll love this crafty idea! 
Linda writes: "Hi Im Linda, I liked your idea of keychains, but I was having trouble printing that day. So I got a few catalogs and cut out a bunch of pics, laminated them and stuck a info sticker and a magnet piece to the back. My guests love them, so I just wanted to thank you for the idea and share mine with you too.  Thanks"
Thank you Linda!

Tealight Bouquet
submitted by Nan Holzer

Tealight Bouquet 1 Tealight Bouquet 2

Nan Writes: "I make these for every occasion that I can, here they are:

Mother's Day  (cut wicks and take to Mother/Grandmother in Nursing home)
4th of July
Father's Day
Denver Broncos (live in Colorado & love Broncos!)
Any team
It's a Girl
It's a Boy
Grandparent's Day
Get Well Soon
Back to School
Thinking of You
Graduation (school colors)
New Years

Each one gets a card for the giver to sign.  I leave them blank inside,
unless they ask me to print something special.

They also have a personal care card. Which is attached to the wire holding the card.  
This is what I put inside:
(inside top)
Blossoms are candles!

(inside bottom)
Personal Care Tips
1.  Blossoms MUST be picked from stem before burning.
2.  Blossoms will LIQUEFY as they burn.
3.  Keep bouquet out of direct sunlight, blossoms will melt.
4.  Tealight blossoms extinguish themselves when they burn out.
5.  Keep out of reach of children.

The following scents are in this bouquet.  #'s are on the bottom of each blossom.
(example) (4th of July) 20 Cinnamon Spice, 09 Floral Citronella, 64 Ocean Mist
Blossoms will burn for approximately 4 - 5 hours.

(outside bottom)
My Name:
My Phone#:
My e-mail address:

The reason I came up with this idea was because my husband purchased candles
for his employees for Christmas and I just saw them setting on their desks
not burned.  I asked him if they were allowed to burn, and he say it was
again company policy to burn.
So I decided that everyone should enjoy a bouquet that doesn't die and
smells great forever.  And they don't need water, and they don't take much space."

Instructions for making Tealight Bouquet:

Supplies needed for tealight bouquets:

4" clay pot
20 gauge painted wire stem
Dry Floral Foam
Hot Glue
Sparkler stems (look like Sparklers) found at Hobby Lobby

1 Decide what stickers you would like to put on the clay
2 Cut the floral foam into 3 parts
3 Take one and cut in 1/2.  One should fit into the pot
after shaving it.  I also put the shaving in the pot.
Be sure and glue it in.

4 Put glue on the foam and around the inside of
the pot and place the moss.

5 Each plant should only use maybe 5 wires.  Cutting 3
wires in half for the flowers.

6 Wrap the wire around a pen 3 or 4 times, this
gives the blossom personality. Using glue
gun, put glue on the bottom of the tealight cup and
place the curved wire on glue and hold till dry.

7 Use 2 groups of leaves per stem and also add
extra wire stems with leaves and no blossoms.

8 Cut some shorter pieces of wire. Cut Sparklers in to 3's.
Glue to the wire and then curl them with scissors.

9 Print out some special cards with the appropriate greeting.

10 With a marker put the 2 digit pl # on each
blossom so they can figure out what the scents were.

Note:  When putting them in a nursing home it is best
to cut off the wicks so no one can burn.  

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