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Crayon Pillar Wrappers,

Flyer for Teacher Pillars
Votive Crayon Wrappers

Snuffer Ideas
HS Jar Ideas
HS Jar Poems

Steve's Frequent Fires Club Card
Business Card Ideas  


Crayon Pillar Wrappers
Makes a great gift for teachers!

This idea came originally from Donna Joseph who submitted a template on BoB. Thanks Donna!

3 x 9 Pillar  Click for larger viewCrayon Pillar Wrapper for 3x9 pillar .doc  You must have MSWord or the Word Viewer to view and print.

Crayon Pillar Wrapper for 3x9 Pillar .pdf  You must have Acrobat or the  Acrobat viewer to view and print.


2 x 6 Pillar Wrapper  Click for larger view
Crayon Pillar Wrapper 2x6 pillar.jpg

I want to thank Johnnie (GoCrazie on BoB) for coming up with the great idea for the 2x6 wrapper.  Thanks Johnnie!


3 x 7 Pillar Wrapper  Click for larger viewCrayon Pillar Wrapper for 3x7
.doc (best) format
.pdf (Adobe) format
.jpg format


Pillar Flyer Flyer for Teacher Crayon Pillars
Pass around at shows or use as a mailer!
Thanks Lisa for the idea!

.jpg format
HTML format


Votive WrapsHere's a new one from Laurie Ayers - Votive Wrappers!
First 2 from left to right printed on color paper.
Next 2 were printed on Decals paper, which is clear.
These have #1 Friend on the label.
Print then cut paper in half horizontally, then trim each one as needed.
.pdf (Adobe) format


November 19, 2005
NEW   .doc file you can edit to customize!  You must have MS Word to edit the file.  Open this file in your browser by clicking on the link.  Next, "save as" to your computer.  Now you can edit the file to suit your needs.
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~Thanks!  Jackie (tealited). ***

Nov. 22, 2004
#1 Teacher Votive Wrappers submitted by Jamie A.  Thank you Jamie!
.doc (Word) format
.pdf (Adobe) format

Tip: If your guests are older or don't have children, offer to make a wrapper for "#1 Daughter, #1 Son, #1 Mail Carrier, etc.!

New for 2001!  4-16-01 Submitted by Gidget Rae
Votive wrappers for 50th Anniversary, Baby shower, birthday, and more!
Note:  These are all .doc files
50th Anniversary
Baby Shower


Bridal Shower



Snuffer Ideas!  

At all my shows, when I'm talking about the snuffers, I always throw out this hint:
If you love the snuffer plate that comes with the Enchantment Snuffer, 
but your decor is more brass color than silver,
go ahead and purchase the brass snuffer, then go to your local home improvement store
(I use Home Depot) and purchase a door pull plate. 

It's the piece that goes behind drawer pulls. This is the one I found at Home Depot and it was only .88! This will help protect your furniture if you happen to get wax or black "candle dust" on your snuffer and don't have time to clean it up right then. 
One thing though - to protect your brass finish on the snuffer, be sure and clean it first chance you get!

Here are the pics: 

 2 1/2" diameter. Yes, there is a hole in the center for a screw, but you'll never see it once your snuffer is in place. 
Look at next pic:


My customers love this suggestion. 
Try it! Maybe your snuffer sales will increase! I never sold any until I came up with this idea!



Snuffer & Crystal Heart
Submitted by Anessa

The crystal heart  makes a great snuffer holder when you're not burning tealights in it!
Another item to add to their order! Update: Sorry - The Crystal Heart was retired in 2000. I would suggest using the Purple Passion Votive Holder from 2002: Purple Passion Votive Holder

Frosted Lotus Blossom and Chatham Snuffer Snuffer & Frosted Lotus Blossom!
Submitted by Judy Boswell
Judy uses a Frosted Lotus Blossom as a snuffer holder and she says the Chatham fits perfectly!
Great Idea!  As you can see, I just had to try it. Fits perfectly! And so does the Chrome Snuffer!

Pop off the plastic seal from the lid of the jars and fill to personalize or add decorations for the season or holiday.

Some examples:

Chocolate Jar: Fill lid with chocolate chips, carob chips, or candy kisses

Carrot Cake Jar: Fill lid with cinnamon sticks, walnuts, or nutmeg

Lemon Souffle: Fill lid with dried lemons, or lemon drop candy

Coconut Cream Jar: Fill lid with shredded coconut, or a pretty yellow silk flower

Apple Strudel Jar: Fill lid with dried apple slices, almonds, or spices like cinnamon

Plum Pudding Jar: Fill lid with a purple silk flower, whole cloves, or spices

For the holidays, fill lids with floral pics to fit the holiday!

For birthdays and anniversary's, fill the lid with confetti.

As a gift to a friend: Put your favorite recipe in the lid to go with the jar's "flavor".  

Maybe a Lemon Souffle recipe for the Lemon jar, etc. After all, these candles do make you hungry for the real thing!

Wash and dry thoroughly, then fill with "Friendship Bean Soup".


Write down helpful household hints on small pieces of paper and place in jar along with 1tealight and some matches.  Be sure and give the other 11 tealights as part of the gift.

Instead of household hints, you could write down special memories of that person to share with them.

I recently held a Bridal Shower Candle Party and for the Bride-to-be, I passed a jar with slips of paper and a tealight inside. Each guest was asked to write down a helpful marriage tip or their well wishes for the soon to be married couple.  I added curling ribbon around the jar in the colors of the brides wedding party.
I attached a card that read:

A Jar of ScentimentsTM From your family and friends Because you're so special!  The bride-to-be just loved it!
I have written some poems to go with the Home ScentimentsTM Jar Candles.  View and print poems

A great idea from Steve Tucky!

Make up your own "Frequent Fires Club" cards and hand out to customers.
For every $10.00 they purchase, punch their card. After the card is all punched up,
they can turn it in to you for a dozen tealights (or whatever you choose to give)!

Here's a sample of Steve's card:


Two other great "tidbits" from Steve Tucky:

**If you make your own business cards, use clear packing tape to cover the cards and voila!  You have an inexpensive laminated card!

**Speaking of business cards, if you make your own:  We can't use the PL name on our cards, but instead of just putting Independent Candle Consultant, put Independent Candle/Design Consultant.  This lets folks know we do more than sell candles, we offer solutions and suggestions to beautify their home.

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