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Relax with Wax poem
Writing Pen idea

Scent Combination List for catty's
Ariana Handout
Business card size creations idea
Shhhhhh It's A Secret
Label Poem for tealight treats!
Lighter Label
Round labels for tealights
Candle Tarts


Here is the card that Steve includes with his "Relax With Wax" pack.

Print these on business card card stock and put your contact info. on back

Things you can include in your relax with wax pack are:
Bath beads, tealight, chocolate, matches, bubble bath, Candle Care Card, YCHIA brochure, etc.

Here is Steve's description of his Relax with Wax Pack, and below is the pic of the Wax Pack completed!
Description: The stem of the champagne glass is filled with bath crystals, I seal it with a round sticker.  Inside I have a tealight in a small champagne glass covered with tulle and sealed with a fabric rose around the stem.  I also have an herbal tea bag in the back with matches
and 2 pieces of chocolate.

Relax With Wax Pack
Click on image for a larger view


Writing Pen Idea

Did you know that writing pens have legs? It's true!
Mine end up walking off from my shows all the time!
Here's an idea:

Since they may end up in someone elses purse or pocket anyway, why not make up some labels with booking or sponsoring seeds, your contact info., etc. and attach these to the pens. You can either wrap them around the pen's shell, or place them on top like little flags.
Cover with tape to protect the printing.

If they don't end up walking away, it also makes it easier to identify your pens when you're picking up the scattered literature and pens after the guests leave.


Did you see the list of Scent Combinations  
on page 2 of Steves Waxaholic Wonderland?
Well I printed this all out on one page.  I put it in a plastic protector sheet,
and wrap it around the catalog for a cover.  Brings it right to their attention and even has
suggestions for the "melting pot".


Here is what I give out to everyone who buys an Ariana.
It was originally written by M but I modified it to fit on a post card.
I print it on card stock and print my contact info on back (stickers they can take off).

Ariana Poem


I try to do most of my handouts on business cards.
It is so much easier to print out, they are already perforated, and folks tend to hang on to it more.  Plus what you need to do is create another business card with just your contact information and run all your business card creations, like my Relax with Wax cards, etc., through again and print out your contact info on the back of whatever you are handing out.
It is so much easier and looks very professional.


Shhhhhhhh It's A Secret

Now this is a great idea for bookings!  Place this sticker on your reminder cards


(Contact Info. here)


Label Poem for tealight treats!  Great for handing out to "strangers"

Take this tealight home to burn,
And more free candles you can earn,
In your home the candles glow,
Call me up to book your show.
Invite your friends and then you'll see,
All the things you will get for free!!!


Lighter Label
Print on labels and affix to lighter handle.

When this lighter runs out
It's time to book a party
To get more free stuff!
Contact Info. here


An example of round labels for tealights


For Your customers who love tarts,
melt some votives, pour into
candy molds and hand them out at your shows wrapped in tulle.
This way you can create unique scents not available normally as tarts, thus creating another reason for them to attend YOUR shows.



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