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"Poop" labels
Sundae with 3" snowball
Custom Scents


For the holidays, pass these out to the guests. They love it!

Print as labels and attach to a ziploc baggie filled with what else?
Miniature marshmallows of course!

Don't forget to put your labels on the bag too!
Put your contact information on anything and everything you hand out!


How about this for Halloween?
Use cotton balls for the "poop"
Print as labels - and put your contact label on bag too!


Here's one for Valentine's Day.
Use heart shaped red hots for the "poop"
Print as labels - and put your contact label on bag too!


St. Patrick's Day
Green tic-tacs for the "poop"
Print as labels - and put your contact label on bag too!


Oooh, this looks good enough to eat!

Sundae dish filled with black metallic shreds, 3" snowball candle on top of shreds, red pompom on top of that!
Cover in saran wrap to keep it all together and looking real!
You could also use a vanilla ball candle.


Increase your sales of wax and products!

Print up a sheet of the custom fragrances and put it on the front of your catalogs. 
Increase your sales of wax and the Gemini as the "Great PL Melting Pot". 
I tossed this idea out to the guests at my show yesterday and they loved it!

Below is the list, with some recently added scents 
Many thanks to all who contributed to this list from the Message Board on BoB.


Hint: This is a great way to promote the Gemini as your personal scent mixer,
or the Great American Melting Pot.

Scents of Summer ~

Romance on the Beach: Spring Blossom + Ocean Mist

Victorian Flair: Vanilla + Hydrangea

Fruit salad!
Awakening + Green Apple + Summer Peach

Fabulous Fruit: 
Blueberry + Mulberry + Pear + Orange Sherbet

Melon balls and juicy peaches:  
Honeydew + Summer Peach

HS coconut + Pineapple

Candy ~

50/50 Bar or an Old Fashioned
Orange Cream Soda! 
Orange Sherbet +Vanilla

Almond Joy:  
Chocolate HS + Coconut HS

Home Baked with Love ~

Pineapple upside-down cake! 
Pineapple + vanilla

Apple pie:
HS Granny Smith Apple + vanilla

Blueberry Pie or muffins baking in the oven:
Blueberry + Vanilla + more Blueberry

Fall is in the air ~

Caramel Apple:  
Caramel + Green Apple or Apple Strudel Jar

Pumpkin Pie!
Pumpkin Spice + Vanilla

Pumpkin Patch:  
Mulled Cider + Vanilla + Pumpkin Spice

Fresh baked Carrot Cake:
Carrot Cake Jar + Cinnamon Spice tealights

Home for the Holidays ~

Hot Apple Cider brewing!
Mulled Cider + Cinnamon Spice + Apple Strudel Jar

Christmas memories:  
Balsam Pine + Cranberry

O Taununbaum:  
Holiday Spice (Holiday Catalog) + Balsam Pine

Country Cabin:  
Cranberry + Vanilla + Balsam Pine

Jingle Bells:  
Holiday Spice + Balsam Pine + Mulberry

Mulberry + Vanilla

Cranberry Cobbler:  
Cranberry + Vanilla

Christmas Eve:  
Holiday Spice (Holiday Catalog)+ Cranberry

Holiday Spice  (Holiday Catalog) + Cinnamon Sticks

Mountain Berry:  
Cranberry + Grape + Vanilla

Visions of Sugar Plums:  
Spiced Plum + Vanilla



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