April 24, 2001

I received a letter from home office today concerning the links on my site to the PL "Hotline" as well as the "Extranet" pages.

The letter states in part: "kindly cease, immediately, using the link from your 'Extranet Cons. Comm. Library' button to: [address], and your 'Extranet USA' button to: [address]. Also, cease immediately, using the link from your 'Hotline' button to: [address]."

I had already removed the links (including the Canadian link, which wasn't mentioned in the letter) before I received this communication from HO, because after seeing the post on Best of Boards, I figured they would be notifying me next.  

While I do not agree with this rule, I am complying.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 

Jackie Whiteker