Is PL For You?

10 Simple Questions

Question Yes No
1 Have you ever worked, or are you currently working two jobs?    
2 Do you enjoy receiving credit for your ideas
and hard work?
3 Would you like to take time off when you
need to OR when your family needs you?
4 Are you a person who enjoys nice things?    
5 Would you consider a part-time job to earn
more income, if you could choose your own hours?
6 Do you like candles?    
7 Doing what you are doing now, will you be
where you want to be in five years?
8 Would you like to have control of your life?    
9 Would you like a job that is FUN, not stressful?    
10 Would you enjoy taking trips to exotic places
on someone else’s tab?

Anyone can do this! Just ask me how to get started.